Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Closer to yourself, just close enough
To feel every breathe you take in,
Aloof from all the normal stuff,
Away from everything.

The fiddle, the doodles, and  the jitters,
Loosen them off today
Remember yourself and your childlike desires
Unleash them, let them stray

Closer to yourself, know you better
You as someone else
Someone you hadn't been earlier
Still inside you who dwells

One day, just one: close to perfection
Not for what should be
Nor inspection, neither introspection
Just enjoy your own identity

Closer to yourself, closest you have been
Rejoice and be fervent
Pack all the memories you can glean
Make sure you live this moment.

Today is the day, make it count
Do what you want and be what you are
Today is your day, you are the viscount.
You're your very own Superstar!

1 comment:

  1. this is definitely ur best rhyme ever...this is really good
    just reading this makes me feel like doing something so whacked..
    thanks a lot