Thursday, March 10, 2011

Selfishly Selfless

In a world where time is the most precious thing we have in hand, and that in itself is the most difficult give away for people, it sure is a delight to see certain few alms their time to others.

It is a strong belief that humans are selfish by nature. They do nothing that does not recompense. But I wonder if if at all it is that bad to think of our own self first?

Even going by this very theory of humans being the most selfish creatures, one cannot but endure the fact that there are people who find gratification in doing things for others. In fact they satisfy their self motives by devoting their time for others!

Many do it around us, if we choose to notice. Some do it visibly, while others choose a more subdued way. Some work for the like kind, while others for the lesser one's.

I am blessed to be associated with such wonderful people who bestow their invaluable time and energy for my stray friends, and other animal species. They find solace to make Animals Happy- by making Humans Happy.

That is fair enough. Lots of time, love, affection, care, dedication, and commitment is required for this task. Much of which I may morosely lack. But helping in a way or another, or just being affiliated with the cause makes me feel better.

It is most definitely true that time is the most precious thing in our hands, and the most difficult to giveaway. But in bits and parts, along with the other gifts that we do enjoy being the most supreme race, most being compassion, we all could contribute to it.

No gesture is small enough to be neglected, to be unworthy of being considered. Many small things together make for one behemothic movement. Let' s be a part of it...Making animals and humans happy, making every moment count.


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