Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Things that Matter Much

As a school kid I remember flipping the pages of my school calender. The final few were titled 'Little Things That Matter Much.'

Personally, I would hope and pray and strive hard not to get those ones filled. I loved them vacant, with no scribbling and signatures. Those were the remarks section.

Little things like punctuality, discipline, doing your work on time etc.

To be precise, it meant coming to school on time, with proper uniform and nails cut short and hair kept tidy, proper shoes- neat and polished,completed note books and homework.

However for some reason these were never Little Things for me. Since childhood these things were the most important. I grew up following and abiding by them.

As an adult today, I still have the same beliefs. Things that are itsy bitsy and insignificant to most, have an ultimate impact on me.

The magnitude of the impact is so much, that in fact these are the only things that I feel ever matter to me.

This is what sets me apart from others. 
Doesn't make me unique, but actually makes me unidentifiable. It makes people fail to rationalize with me, to relate to me.

I am accused of blowing things out of proportion. I do not deny their points of view. Certain things are definitely 
minuscule for others. I do respect that fact.

But that does not convince me enough that those very things are unimportant in reality for me.

I have been arraigned to find it extremely onerous to let go off petty things. But these people fall short of comprehending the fact that these things are not petty for me at all.

I know I am meticulous, but that is a way of living for me. Whether or not others find it adorable and admirable, I still want to continue letting the so called 'petty things' matter.

They make a difference, and in the long run these are the things that will decide if my final goal is reached or whether there is still some unfinished business.

Every person faces this dilemma of being someone or believing in something others cannot justify. Nevertheless, I believe it is important that you still stand up to the odds and stand up to yourself.

I love things being in the place that they are meant to be. I love my bedsheets, pillow, and quilt neat and un-crumpled. I love the alignment called 'Justify' in MS Word. I love the default settings of my IT products (well, most times).

And it totally puts me off when people fiddle around and do things otherwise.

Although just as much as I take pride in my priorities, I also affirm to the fact that everyone around me does not share the same. I cannot and would not even like to force mine on them.

Back to school, remarks in the calender was a thing for many to be proud of, for some it didn't matter- they were oblivious to it, while for others it was a form of humiliation!

For me it wasn't really about the remark and my parents signature. It was more about me and what I believed in. It was really about all those things that mattered a lot to me, my being entirely.

The most important things in my life--- the 'Little Things that Matter Much!'

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  1. i loved the last few lines. gives the whole write up a new meaning and explains why your so fussy at times. (like sort of a suspense with its final twist)
    The dilemma you talk about is i think where you make or break your own character even trusting your own instincts become difficult.
    I think being a unique sample piece is always refreshing. (trust me theres no one as fussy as u) but then theres no one as raw as u either.