Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We live in a world of abstruseness. There are so many things around us that we have no clue about. We live in a land of the unknown, the obscure. There is little that we know, so much so that humans actually seem belittled by the pranks nature chooses to play on us.

The human kind, the most supreme race falls for the trap. Our environment convinces us of our unequaled status, only to then disillusion us by its own perplexities.

There is nothing around us that happens without a reason. From the most diminutive to the most colossal circumstances and incidences- all lead to a specific end. They all are meant to be.

Most of these are accepted by humans. The others which surpass human understanding are all branded with various tags- of the unknown.

And since humans are the ultimate living beings, we take liberty to make reasons behind the happenings. The wrath of mother nature, or the discrepancies of something else.

When nothing works we label it as irrational. Rationality is subjective. What may be rational to one may not be the same to another. Yet we deny this. Yet we choose to believe that everything that is not coherent with our perceptions and beliefs is, but ofcourse- irrational and therefore not acceptable giving humans the right to criticize.

We fail to understand that understanding everything in not in our capacity. Though things are never unreasoned, reasoning out every single thing is not in human soul, mind or body.

This gives birth to emotions of the other kind, fear, hatred, mistrust, criticism, denial. Are'nt all of these born of a single mother- lack of understanding?

There are so many things that we do not even know about our own self, let alone the whole wide world. Our subconscious, our dreams, our mind may all hint us towards unraveling things about us often unknown to us. We, most times choose to ignore, blinded by our pride over the farce belief that humans know it all.

It is alright to not be all knowledgeable. It is alright to not know things. What does really make us supreme is the fact that we can accept that we are still under the mercy of something way too powerful than us. Something that pulls every string for a specific reason, which may or may not be comprehensible to our human super brains!


  1. hey! this time i chose to read your blog.. fb page seemed dull suddenly.. :P

    when i saw the tags that you'c marked below, i didnt want to mark on the 2nd one, coz i dont need to 'hmmmm' on the interesting part.. i def, undoubtedly found it most interesting..

    and then again, i didnt know if i wanted to mark on 'i relate to this'..

    i completely agree with what you had to say about the basic and unfathomable necessity to find logic everywhere.. its basic human nature.. or rather, we'v been trained to live and think that way.. without even realising it, we try to have a cathartic mind.. we find order in chaos.. but then again, there IS an order in chaos.. not just because we chose to find it, but because there is.. but the question is, what comes first? the order that we dig out with force, or otherwise..?

    i dunno, this has been a perpetual preoccupation with me.. to rationalize everything that cannot be, becomes irrational, like you said..

    surrealist textes interest me beyond measure.. it goes against all the norms of vraisemblance.. it blows my mind yaar.. serious.. all about the premonitions.. hallucinations.. everything that cannot be explained.. these writers thrived on this.. they lived this way.. its fascinating..

    but then again, does evrything happen for a reason? i dunno.. even things that have a rational side.. the reason to it may not really exist.. the only reason is that it happened..why? dunno..

    anyways, it messes with my head, this stuff.. lol..

    really well written..!! :D kudos!

  2. I dunno but its my belief that every single thing that happens is very much rational. The part to ponder over is if the rationality is what we perceive it to be or otherwise.

    Nevertheless there are so many things that are way beyond us. And I just somehow do not like the uncalled for criticism people place on certain things only cuz of their lack of understanding.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog btw. I'd prefer it that way!

  3. :) i know..

    even i hate people saying that things dont make sense just cause it doesnt make sense to them.. like you said, rationality is subjective.. totally..

    and the superficially irrational thing have a more concrete rational base.. totally.. more than ever..

    i love reading what you write.. many a times, its whats i would be thinking about too.. its pretty weird.. this has been preoccupying me for more than a month now since i plunged into surrealism.. its kept me busy.. reading what you wrote, just gave it another dimension..