Friday, March 25, 2011

God Does it Too!

I recently read an article by Harsha Bhogle (most of FB users did) about the sort of pressure Sachin lives in. My respect for the master blaster grew ten folds after that simple and straight to the point article.

There are a million plus perspective to look at things. Each of which has a valid point. Yet for some reason the simplest ones seem the most difficult to be interpreted, and are always the last to reach our brains and sensitivities.

Cricket is not my religion, nor my passion. It is only a game. A game that I enjoy. And even then I believe that Sachin is God. In 22 years of his career, he has only elevated, not only in experience, but also in his play and skill.

That is what makes him God. He stands true to explain the saying, 'Respect should be commanded and not demanded'. It would be safe to say that absolutely no one would be so lowly to not respect the man himself.

I sat on the edge of my sofa watching the quarter finals of the CWC 2011 at Motera, Ahemedabad. I jumped every time the Indian bats hit the balls, my heart pumped each time the Aussies ran towards the batsmen.

But one thought that would not leave my head was what if we lost this one? Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. Home ground and still we lose. Master Blasters last WC perhaps. And much more...

The tempo in my drawing room was so high and the pressure so intense...My family tuned in the screens, eyes literally popping out. I just could not help but contemplate on how much really was at stake for us at home...and how much for our men in blue themselves?

The heaviness of losing the match and hitting my sack disappointed in contrast to the extreme anguish and millions of haunting curses of one entire nation. Comparable? I guess not.

It is easier to expect than to live up to it. We cannot even be consistent in our daily routine like the time we get up in the morning, or the way we drive. But we do not miss to expect 11 boys doing their best each time, against any and every possible circumstances.

Sure I am no expert to comment on this. It may seem like 'the comedy of errors' to some, while others would put themselves to rest by sheer criticism. But it still is humanly impossible to do what we expect them to.

Sure God plays on our side, but he makes his bloopers too! Thats embossed in history, religion, and mythology. No one can deny that. And it sure needs its own benefit of doubt!

One cannot keep asking for reviews there. That too is only 2 per inning!

Overjoyed by our win today, I am looking forward to the semis. I am positive that the impact of this victory will not have diminished by then. Another win against our age old rival Pak will only glorify the glory! Else if we are defeated, it would be a gory one that will be unforgotten for long.

But then again, the impact of Harsha's write up will not attenuate for a very long time as well. Not only when it comes to cricket, but also in other spheres where expectations have no boundaries, not only from humans but even from God himself. I will be certain to remember that God himself can bungle too!


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