Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Things that Matter Much

As a school kid I remember flipping the pages of my school calender. The final few were titled 'Little Things That Matter Much.'

Personally, I would hope and pray and strive hard not to get those ones filled. I loved them vacant, with no scribbling and signatures. Those were the remarks section.

Little things like punctuality, discipline, doing your work on time etc.

To be precise, it meant coming to school on time, with proper uniform and nails cut short and hair kept tidy, proper shoes- neat and polished,completed note books and homework.

However for some reason these were never Little Things for me. Since childhood these things were the most important. I grew up following and abiding by them.

As an adult today, I still have the same beliefs. Things that are itsy bitsy and insignificant to most, have an ultimate impact on me.

The magnitude of the impact is so much, that in fact these are the only things that I feel ever matter to me.

This is what sets me apart from others. 
Doesn't make me unique, but actually makes me unidentifiable. It makes people fail to rationalize with me, to relate to me.

I am accused of blowing things out of proportion. I do not deny their points of view. Certain things are definitely 
minuscule for others. I do respect that fact.

But that does not convince me enough that those very things are unimportant in reality for me.

I have been arraigned to find it extremely onerous to let go off petty things. But these people fall short of comprehending the fact that these things are not petty for me at all.

I know I am meticulous, but that is a way of living for me. Whether or not others find it adorable and admirable, I still want to continue letting the so called 'petty things' matter.

They make a difference, and in the long run these are the things that will decide if my final goal is reached or whether there is still some unfinished business.

Every person faces this dilemma of being someone or believing in something others cannot justify. Nevertheless, I believe it is important that you still stand up to the odds and stand up to yourself.

I love things being in the place that they are meant to be. I love my bedsheets, pillow, and quilt neat and un-crumpled. I love the alignment called 'Justify' in MS Word. I love the default settings of my IT products (well, most times).

And it totally puts me off when people fiddle around and do things otherwise.

Although just as much as I take pride in my priorities, I also affirm to the fact that everyone around me does not share the same. I cannot and would not even like to force mine on them.

Back to school, remarks in the calender was a thing for many to be proud of, for some it didn't matter- they were oblivious to it, while for others it was a form of humiliation!

For me it wasn't really about the remark and my parents signature. It was more about me and what I believed in. It was really about all those things that mattered a lot to me, my being entirely.

The most important things in my life--- the 'Little Things that Matter Much!'

Friday, March 25, 2011

God Does it Too!

I recently read an article by Harsha Bhogle (most of FB users did) about the sort of pressure Sachin lives in. My respect for the master blaster grew ten folds after that simple and straight to the point article.

There are a million plus perspective to look at things. Each of which has a valid point. Yet for some reason the simplest ones seem the most difficult to be interpreted, and are always the last to reach our brains and sensitivities.

Cricket is not my religion, nor my passion. It is only a game. A game that I enjoy. And even then I believe that Sachin is God. In 22 years of his career, he has only elevated, not only in experience, but also in his play and skill.

That is what makes him God. He stands true to explain the saying, 'Respect should be commanded and not demanded'. It would be safe to say that absolutely no one would be so lowly to not respect the man himself.

I sat on the edge of my sofa watching the quarter finals of the CWC 2011 at Motera, Ahemedabad. I jumped every time the Indian bats hit the balls, my heart pumped each time the Aussies ran towards the batsmen.

But one thought that would not leave my head was what if we lost this one? Disappointment. Anger. Sadness. Home ground and still we lose. Master Blasters last WC perhaps. And much more...

The tempo in my drawing room was so high and the pressure so intense...My family tuned in the screens, eyes literally popping out. I just could not help but contemplate on how much really was at stake for us at home...and how much for our men in blue themselves?

The heaviness of losing the match and hitting my sack disappointed in contrast to the extreme anguish and millions of haunting curses of one entire nation. Comparable? I guess not.

It is easier to expect than to live up to it. We cannot even be consistent in our daily routine like the time we get up in the morning, or the way we drive. But we do not miss to expect 11 boys doing their best each time, against any and every possible circumstances.

Sure I am no expert to comment on this. It may seem like 'the comedy of errors' to some, while others would put themselves to rest by sheer criticism. But it still is humanly impossible to do what we expect them to.

Sure God plays on our side, but he makes his bloopers too! Thats embossed in history, religion, and mythology. No one can deny that. And it sure needs its own benefit of doubt!

One cannot keep asking for reviews there. That too is only 2 per inning!

Overjoyed by our win today, I am looking forward to the semis. I am positive that the impact of this victory will not have diminished by then. Another win against our age old rival Pak will only glorify the glory! Else if we are defeated, it would be a gory one that will be unforgotten for long.

But then again, the impact of Harsha's write up will not attenuate for a very long time as well. Not only when it comes to cricket, but also in other spheres where expectations have no boundaries, not only from humans but even from God himself. I will be certain to remember that God himself can bungle too!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Closer to yourself, just close enough
To feel every breathe you take in,
Aloof from all the normal stuff,
Away from everything.

The fiddle, the doodles, and  the jitters,
Loosen them off today
Remember yourself and your childlike desires
Unleash them, let them stray

Closer to yourself, know you better
You as someone else
Someone you hadn't been earlier
Still inside you who dwells

One day, just one: close to perfection
Not for what should be
Nor inspection, neither introspection
Just enjoy your own identity

Closer to yourself, closest you have been
Rejoice and be fervent
Pack all the memories you can glean
Make sure you live this moment.

Today is the day, make it count
Do what you want and be what you are
Today is your day, you are the viscount.
You're your very own Superstar!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Holi

India is a country which is symbolized as an example of Unity in Diversity. We have so many cultures and traditions, more than half of which we ourselves are unaware of. But those that are celebrated, are done so by all.

One such festival is that of Holi. It signifies the synthesis of all colours, people, ideas, and thoughts. It is a festival of harmony and homogeneity. A celebration that consumes everybody, irrespective of their gender, caste, and creed.

It symbolizes the victory of good over evil- the mythology of Holika turning into ashes as Bhakt Pralhad coming out safe from her lap.

Holi is also our way of thanking God for the spring, for good harvest. Holi is lit on the full moon night as a mark of the advent of spring...on the last day of winters. To bring in some warmth.

Back to the present...what is holi for us today. Amidst global warming and more than three fourth of us feeling that we would die of a heat stroke, Holi to bring in more warmth seems suicidal to me.

And then when people do not get water to drink, we splash it around on everyone wasting it in the name of Holi. Does all this really exemplify celebration?

If Holi stands for unification, think about all those who do not consider it as a celebration! The animals who hate the colour and being forcefully drenched in water, the birds who do not quite enjoy the smoke up in the air, and the humans who would rather use the water to drink than play with it.

With changing times, our way of celebrations too need some well deserved modification, if it still needs to stand true to its raison d'etre...good over evil or unity in diversity. And it is about time that change is brought in.

I am not against the whole idea of coming together and having some fun, but I do detest doing so on the stake of someone it humans or others.

Celebration for me would be including everyone around me in it. Have fun with friends, without harming others... Celebrate a festival without making it a nightmare for others.

That is what Holi means. That is what each and every festival means. This is what in true sense celebration and happiness means.

Let us all be the change by just being aware of what is the real requirement of the hour.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holi!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life's a Catastrophe

Life, like everything else has two faces. The beautiful one and the ugly one. And both the faces show up in a well balanced way through out.

Perhaps that is why history is always believed to repeat itself. There are plenty of 'Deja Vu' instances. Part of these can make life look and feel like a celebration. While the remaining one's make life a catastrophe.

One such Deja Vu was recently witnessed by the Land of the Rising Sun. The ghost of its past resurrected only to wash out the glorious present it had built overtime.

Hundreds and thousands lost everything. What remains is probably the nightmarish memories of what happened, and the fears of what it will lead to.

Numerous words can be uttered, but very little can be actually done to make any of this any better. The only little relief could be that our own loved ones are safe!

Yet history will repeat itself. There will be revivification and restoration. It will take its due course of time, but it will happen for sure.

Life too is nothing less than a series of events, most times repeated events. We fall on our face, to get up with vigor, to fall back.

Each time the fall gives us a similar excruciating pain just like the earlier one's, and each breath of new life fills us with overwhelming joy just the same of the last refurbishment.

The degrees vary, but the feeling is the same. This is the true essence of life. When we stop getting up after a fall, we stop living. Life stops then.

It may be the hardest thing to accept defeat and back down. But the hardest of the hardest thing to do is to muster the courage to put the pieces of the puzzle back in their place.

I personally am not a believer of the theory of the world coming to an end in 2012. But if it were even to happen, we would have the whole evolution right back from its very inception.

There is no point in fearing the adversities. The brilliance would be in preparing for the bounce back. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Selfishly Selfless

In a world where time is the most precious thing we have in hand, and that in itself is the most difficult give away for people, it sure is a delight to see certain few alms their time to others.

It is a strong belief that humans are selfish by nature. They do nothing that does not recompense. But I wonder if if at all it is that bad to think of our own self first?

Even going by this very theory of humans being the most selfish creatures, one cannot but endure the fact that there are people who find gratification in doing things for others. In fact they satisfy their self motives by devoting their time for others!

Many do it around us, if we choose to notice. Some do it visibly, while others choose a more subdued way. Some work for the like kind, while others for the lesser one's.

I am blessed to be associated with such wonderful people who bestow their invaluable time and energy for my stray friends, and other animal species. They find solace to make Animals Happy- by making Humans Happy.

That is fair enough. Lots of time, love, affection, care, dedication, and commitment is required for this task. Much of which I may morosely lack. But helping in a way or another, or just being affiliated with the cause makes me feel better.

It is most definitely true that time is the most precious thing in our hands, and the most difficult to giveaway. But in bits and parts, along with the other gifts that we do enjoy being the most supreme race, most being compassion, we all could contribute to it.

No gesture is small enough to be neglected, to be unworthy of being considered. Many small things together make for one behemothic movement. Let' s be a part of it...Making animals and humans happy, making every moment count.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Days...

Some days are just so beautiful. They get you so much peace and relaxation. And the best part about these days is the fact that there is no particular reason behind the equanimity.

The day begins like any other. As it progresses however, things just start falling in place. One after another.

You plan on doing something, and you land up doing exactly that (which is seldom) and a lot of other things along with it.

And so you feel delighted about the day. You have a gut feeling that all is going to be just the way you want it to be.

Suddenly, perhaps you might find a few bumps here and there. Flip flops and change of mind. But the minute your composure starts to tilt, the day shows you its brighter side again.

There are surprises in store too. Things that seemed pretty ordinary captivate you. The best part being they make you feel nice about just being you!

And so do certain people...Do small tiny things for them, and their acknowledgement is far from what you expect. Such people are rare. People who can make you love yourself!

You will find many who will love you, even without expecting a thing in return. But these people who get so overwhelmed with small gestures, who really value and appreciate things done for them, are what, at many occasions make being ourselves more joyful and blessed.

These people and such incidences make certain days extremely special. They also give a different perspective on life. A perspective that makes the world around us a happier, and in the bargain a better place.

Some days then become just so beautiful. And with such people around, most days become as enriching still letting you enjoy the luxury of not rationalizing over the tranquility.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


We live in a world of abstruseness. There are so many things around us that we have no clue about. We live in a land of the unknown, the obscure. There is little that we know, so much so that humans actually seem belittled by the pranks nature chooses to play on us.

The human kind, the most supreme race falls for the trap. Our environment convinces us of our unequaled status, only to then disillusion us by its own perplexities.

There is nothing around us that happens without a reason. From the most diminutive to the most colossal circumstances and incidences- all lead to a specific end. They all are meant to be.

Most of these are accepted by humans. The others which surpass human understanding are all branded with various tags- of the unknown.

And since humans are the ultimate living beings, we take liberty to make reasons behind the happenings. The wrath of mother nature, or the discrepancies of something else.

When nothing works we label it as irrational. Rationality is subjective. What may be rational to one may not be the same to another. Yet we deny this. Yet we choose to believe that everything that is not coherent with our perceptions and beliefs is, but ofcourse- irrational and therefore not acceptable giving humans the right to criticize.

We fail to understand that understanding everything in not in our capacity. Though things are never unreasoned, reasoning out every single thing is not in human soul, mind or body.

This gives birth to emotions of the other kind, fear, hatred, mistrust, criticism, denial. Are'nt all of these born of a single mother- lack of understanding?

There are so many things that we do not even know about our own self, let alone the whole wide world. Our subconscious, our dreams, our mind may all hint us towards unraveling things about us often unknown to us. We, most times choose to ignore, blinded by our pride over the farce belief that humans know it all.

It is alright to not be all knowledgeable. It is alright to not know things. What does really make us supreme is the fact that we can accept that we are still under the mercy of something way too powerful than us. Something that pulls every string for a specific reason, which may or may not be comprehensible to our human super brains!