Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's or Not

A feeling that flows through every individual. One that has been kudized, hailed, and craved for. It may resemble the most conventional thing one does. Or it may be anarchistic and avant garde.

A feeling that one just cannot ever get enough. Some might mock it at the loss of being able to understand it. But the mockery stands testimony of their captivity with it.

A feeling that can get one do something so bizarre, so cockamamie that could make people test their own limits, doing things that always seemed out of reach.

Love is what they name it. Sure it is a powerful word. Loaded with copious and overwhelming vim. It adds life to the most dead feelings.

Such is the over powering impact of the feeling, of the emotion. Most people have experienced since infancy. It came naturally to us from the warmth of our parents.

As we pass from infancy to childhood, and further the edifice of love seem to change. A larger array of meanings keep adding on.

Finally it reaches a stage where it could be a bit difficult to comprehend and differentiate between these inferences. Love could be used wrongly too. A feeling so strong and pure could be misused!

That is hard hitting reality. But is true nevertheless leading to the endeavour of trying to accept these facts. And amidst all this, is the pure objective of feeling being loved.

That, by far seems the motive of every human. It is an everyday affair. An all pervasive emotion. No one can abandon that feeling...None can disown it.

It may exist in different forms. I see love in the eyes of my pets. I see love when I see birds fly. I see love when humans behave like humans.

I see love when a friend wants me more than a friend, even after knowing that will not happen. I feel loved when he respects that fact and does not push himself on me. I reciprocate in the exact same way.

And I love that feeling born from such relationships. They are untouched and pure, yet naughty and mischievous.

And ofcourse, we have the special days too. Like today- The Valentine's Day. Love is every where today. People need a reason to celebrate love.

I wonder what our forefathers did without this day. May be it was not all that difficult for them then to express this universal feeling, universal language and expression.

Sure I do not celebrate it, but I do love to see the celebration around me. The excitement and the extravagance. The red heart shaped balloons, the cards and chocolates, the gifts. It all looks great.

For me though, it was another day...Well almost, apart from the fact that I saw three romantic comedies back to back on TV, thanks to the occasion.

As much as we have forgotten to express, the fact remains that love prevails. Valentine's Day might just be a reminder then for those who have lost out on such occasions to express themselves because of the pace of their lives.

For those who still do not believe in it, here is your chance. 14th February or any other day, just say what you feel. Be it your parents, friends, partner, pets, or may be even that someone you have a crush but know things would never work out...I bet the other person feels the same. Wording your emotions will only make things better.

Believe it or not, love is in the air...All the time. It is just left upto you when you want to breathe it in. Make sure you do it quick, and let others know about it too!


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