Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pinkdom of the Pinkhood

Since I remember, I always flaunted being a tom-boy. I always love doing things the 'boy way'. Due credit is also to be given to my growing up days where I was the only girl among my cousins and their friends.

I had and would always have a passion for cars and bikes, enjoy guy company, and most things that guys do...

I hate pink, styling my hair, and walking like a woman

As I grow older, I realize I am not the only one. A lot of other girls are 'PINK HATERS' like me. Infact most around me are part of the same tribe.

So there are very few around gutsy enough to carry on their pinkness with pride!

Today I realize that being PINK is one of the most bold things to do for girls. I most definitely have formed an opinion that those who do it with amour-propre are the real heroes. Those who know who they are, and are proud of themselves. No inhibitions for acceptance from others, no affectation for approvals.

Not that the tom boys are any less real, nor are they pretenders. Yet it takes a different level of courage altogether to be gratified of being a real 'polka pink girl'

I own a pink cell phone today (no other colour was available and I am in love with the cell too much to bother about the colour). I love it, but I am embarrassed to flip it out in public, especially in front of those who know me. I feel cornered by the glares I get from them, vulnerable!

My acrimony towards the colour and everything even minutely related to the epitome of being 'girl like' has brought this upon me. If only I had respected the ideal 'Pink Thong Girl' and not thought of it as a 'dumb blonde thing'.

Our stereotypes often arrests us in such dilemmas. These stereotypes perhaps are the only real unique lot. They have the fortitude to stand tall, with head held high showing the world who they are.

They do not explain, nor do they justify. They do what they want, want what they do. And the best is they do not even criticize you, even if you do the same to them.

So this one is a small salute to all those 'Pink-Frock-High Stilletoes-Mauve Nail Paint-Red Lip Stick' women. I am awed at their self confidence. I have no clue when I can do what they have always been doing... Look at me, I still bother explaining why I bought a pink phone!

I may flaunt being a tom boy (I will always remain one), but the real moxie is when you can flaunt otherwise. Hats off to all publicly pink lovers...Hail to the PINKDOM...Hail PINKHOOD!!!


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