Monday, February 21, 2011

Never Mind

It is not the most atypical thing to be misjudged, or to infact misjudge someone. It keeps happening every once in a while. Incidences and people do make us swallow our own thoughts and words.

Conspicuous as it is, first impressions are very difficult to be undone. They might not always be the last impressions though, as with time our perceptions change, so do people we perceive.

But all first impressions are not misconstrued. The first vibe that we get from the aura of the person may be the most definite and unambiguous thing about the person after all.

Yet perhaps you want to give it a benefit of doubt. You try to uncover and unravel more about the person before you brand him or her with your judgement.

At times deep down, you know that you are right, and chastely still want to think otherwise. I know that happens. It does happen to me.

But as they say "once a priest, always a priest, and once a beep, always a beep"... This stands true in many cases!

In Marathi there is a saying "Mool Swabhavala Aushad Nahi...To Kahi Badlat Nahi" (There is no medicine for your root behaviour/character...Nothing changes it). From cradle to grave, there are some tendencies that we always have to ourselves.

I recently tried patching up with someone who I have not been on very good terms. And on the very first interaction of almost after 3 years, he did the exact same thing that had ticked things off between us in the first place.

I truly believed that from being 19 years of age to 23, things would have changed, and things would be different. But Alas! He still does the same thing I hate, and I still hate the same thing he does just as much!

So as this realization dawned, I hung up on him immediately, and more importantly calmly and politely. I did not blow my lid off. Yayiieee!!! That is arduous and burdensome for me most times, so I am happy I pulled it off so well.

Now to the epicenter- How did I manage to do something that to me is so gargantuan and difficile???

As absurd it may sound, it was actually very simple...As soon as I felt my temper soaring, I said to myself 'Never Mind'

That just did it for me. From then every time I faced a challenging situation, or even people I say these very words to myself. However if I still want to pursue the task, I just add two lines more...

So the final verdict sounds like, 'Never Mind...There is always a next time'

These sure as some magical words. Try them if you may. They always do wonders for me.

Oh yes, if they do not work for you in the first attempt, be patient... Remember to add just another line - Better luck next time!

Never Mind!!!


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