Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mass Bunk

Bored of lectures,
Let's have some fun,
I am bored of the professors
Let's mass bunk!

Go to the open skies,
Breathe some fresh air in,
Let's mass bunk,
Do different things!

Let's mass bunk,
Have different points of view,
Get out of the four walled classes.
Go enjoy the sunlight and dew.

But is it that easy, I wonder,
To always mass bunk,
To avoid things you do not like,
To avoid your boredom.

Life is not always fun and frolly,
There are time you gotta compromise,
So do what you like, like what you do,
That is the true essence of life!

As college students, it was always good fun to walk out of lectures and professors we did not like. Major reason being boredom.

But as I grow older, I realize life is not college. I cannot 'bunk' things that do not coincide with my interests...It is not that easy to just avoid things you do not want to face.

There are things I will have to live up to, for myself and for people around me.

But along with that, I also now understand that just because 'I' do not fancy something, does not imply it is unimportant or abortive. Not always!

Whether or not I enjoy them, certain things are important and will never cease to be so.

So I have learnt to do what I enjoy. But I am also ferreting out the pleasures of enjoying things that I do otherwise. I understand it is important.

As I enjoy the last phase of my college life I am trying to attend lectures that I do not like too! Yet I would not deny my inclination towards avoiding certain classes...

So let's Mass Bunk!!!


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