Monday, February 7, 2011

In the name of Liberation

In the age and day of fast cars, internet, and concepts like women liberation I sometimes really wonder what it means to be liberated.

With our urban centers being populated with high rises and sky scrappers, our rural counter parts are drenching in the same old situations.

I watched the movie 'Jogwa'. Cinematic excellence is the first thought that crossed my mind. And of course the tradition of Jogwa!

While reciting the story, an extremely dear and close friend happened to blurt "...and so it is like a legalized form of prostitution in the village and the sad part is, even men have no escape..."

I was so outraged at that unthoughtful comment, I felt desecrated (over reactions are a part of my being). I was more than just definite he did not mean what he just uttered (guys you know!). But after all he said it!

In this era of equality and women liberation et al, it is just heart breaking to see such atrocities happening across the world. But I realize one thing, there definitely is gender equality there...

A reason to rejoice? Not really. But it is just our mind set. I am awfully ashamed to have this little satisfaction that men are not excused, just as much as my friend was conscious- striken to have made that audacious statement I mentioned above.

We, the liberated urban youth are so oriented in our dis illusionary concepts of equality, that we forget in our own male chauvinistic/ feminist ideologies our very basic human value and sect called humanity.

So eat your words and thoughts next time you are offended with such social issues. Our prerogatives may differ, but in totality the problem is still the same. Be it gender, species, or anything else (me being an animal lover)

In the light of our prerogatives thus, let us not treat others in a  derogative manner. That I guess would then call upon the real Liberation- of thoughts, of people, of societies, and nations...


  1. i sometimes feel these so called values are all as per convenience.. throughout school we were taught to follow them.. and wen we grew up we heard from the same people that it is better to find an easy way its not just the rural areas that are affected even amongst us we have so many issues..
    nicely written though.. as always thought provoking..

  2. 1 more thing.. i love ur optimistic end to the articles.. bringing closure.. or ending on a positive note...
    it becomes so easy at most times to spot problems n criticise.. quick to point fingers...this negativity turns most of us into critics...
    so hoping that more ppl think like in d final para