Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mass Bunk

Bored of lectures,
Let's have some fun,
I am bored of the professors
Let's mass bunk!

Go to the open skies,
Breathe some fresh air in,
Let's mass bunk,
Do different things!

Let's mass bunk,
Have different points of view,
Get out of the four walled classes.
Go enjoy the sunlight and dew.

But is it that easy, I wonder,
To always mass bunk,
To avoid things you do not like,
To avoid your boredom.

Life is not always fun and frolly,
There are time you gotta compromise,
So do what you like, like what you do,
That is the true essence of life!

As college students, it was always good fun to walk out of lectures and professors we did not like. Major reason being boredom.

But as I grow older, I realize life is not college. I cannot 'bunk' things that do not coincide with my interests...It is not that easy to just avoid things you do not want to face.

There are things I will have to live up to, for myself and for people around me.

But along with that, I also now understand that just because 'I' do not fancy something, does not imply it is unimportant or abortive. Not always!

Whether or not I enjoy them, certain things are important and will never cease to be so.

So I have learnt to do what I enjoy. But I am also ferreting out the pleasures of enjoying things that I do otherwise. I understand it is important.

As I enjoy the last phase of my college life I am trying to attend lectures that I do not like too! Yet I would not deny my inclination towards avoiding certain classes...

So let's Mass Bunk!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Never Mind

It is not the most atypical thing to be misjudged, or to infact misjudge someone. It keeps happening every once in a while. Incidences and people do make us swallow our own thoughts and words.

Conspicuous as it is, first impressions are very difficult to be undone. They might not always be the last impressions though, as with time our perceptions change, so do people we perceive.

But all first impressions are not misconstrued. The first vibe that we get from the aura of the person may be the most definite and unambiguous thing about the person after all.

Yet perhaps you want to give it a benefit of doubt. You try to uncover and unravel more about the person before you brand him or her with your judgement.

At times deep down, you know that you are right, and chastely still want to think otherwise. I know that happens. It does happen to me.

But as they say "once a priest, always a priest, and once a beep, always a beep"... This stands true in many cases!

In Marathi there is a saying "Mool Swabhavala Aushad Nahi...To Kahi Badlat Nahi" (There is no medicine for your root behaviour/character...Nothing changes it). From cradle to grave, there are some tendencies that we always have to ourselves.

I recently tried patching up with someone who I have not been on very good terms. And on the very first interaction of almost after 3 years, he did the exact same thing that had ticked things off between us in the first place.

I truly believed that from being 19 years of age to 23, things would have changed, and things would be different. But Alas! He still does the same thing I hate, and I still hate the same thing he does just as much!

So as this realization dawned, I hung up on him immediately, and more importantly calmly and politely. I did not blow my lid off. Yayiieee!!! That is arduous and burdensome for me most times, so I am happy I pulled it off so well.

Now to the epicenter- How did I manage to do something that to me is so gargantuan and difficile???

As absurd it may sound, it was actually very simple...As soon as I felt my temper soaring, I said to myself 'Never Mind'

That just did it for me. From then every time I faced a challenging situation, or even people I say these very words to myself. However if I still want to pursue the task, I just add two lines more...

So the final verdict sounds like, 'Never Mind...There is always a next time'

These sure as some magical words. Try them if you may. They always do wonders for me.

Oh yes, if they do not work for you in the first attempt, be patient... Remember to add just another line - Better luck next time!

Never Mind!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's or Not

A feeling that flows through every individual. One that has been kudized, hailed, and craved for. It may resemble the most conventional thing one does. Or it may be anarchistic and avant garde.

A feeling that one just cannot ever get enough. Some might mock it at the loss of being able to understand it. But the mockery stands testimony of their captivity with it.

A feeling that can get one do something so bizarre, so cockamamie that could make people test their own limits, doing things that always seemed out of reach.

Love is what they name it. Sure it is a powerful word. Loaded with copious and overwhelming vim. It adds life to the most dead feelings.

Such is the over powering impact of the feeling, of the emotion. Most people have experienced since infancy. It came naturally to us from the warmth of our parents.

As we pass from infancy to childhood, and further the edifice of love seem to change. A larger array of meanings keep adding on.

Finally it reaches a stage where it could be a bit difficult to comprehend and differentiate between these inferences. Love could be used wrongly too. A feeling so strong and pure could be misused!

That is hard hitting reality. But is true nevertheless leading to the endeavour of trying to accept these facts. And amidst all this, is the pure objective of feeling being loved.

That, by far seems the motive of every human. It is an everyday affair. An all pervasive emotion. No one can abandon that feeling...None can disown it.

It may exist in different forms. I see love in the eyes of my pets. I see love when I see birds fly. I see love when humans behave like humans.

I see love when a friend wants me more than a friend, even after knowing that will not happen. I feel loved when he respects that fact and does not push himself on me. I reciprocate in the exact same way.

And I love that feeling born from such relationships. They are untouched and pure, yet naughty and mischievous.

And ofcourse, we have the special days too. Like today- The Valentine's Day. Love is every where today. People need a reason to celebrate love.

I wonder what our forefathers did without this day. May be it was not all that difficult for them then to express this universal feeling, universal language and expression.

Sure I do not celebrate it, but I do love to see the celebration around me. The excitement and the extravagance. The red heart shaped balloons, the cards and chocolates, the gifts. It all looks great.

For me though, it was another day...Well almost, apart from the fact that I saw three romantic comedies back to back on TV, thanks to the occasion.

As much as we have forgotten to express, the fact remains that love prevails. Valentine's Day might just be a reminder then for those who have lost out on such occasions to express themselves because of the pace of their lives.

For those who still do not believe in it, here is your chance. 14th February or any other day, just say what you feel. Be it your parents, friends, partner, pets, or may be even that someone you have a crush but know things would never work out...I bet the other person feels the same. Wording your emotions will only make things better.

Believe it or not, love is in the air...All the time. It is just left upto you when you want to breathe it in. Make sure you do it quick, and let others know about it too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pinkdom of the Pinkhood

Since I remember, I always flaunted being a tom-boy. I always love doing things the 'boy way'. Due credit is also to be given to my growing up days where I was the only girl among my cousins and their friends.

I had and would always have a passion for cars and bikes, enjoy guy company, and most things that guys do...

I hate pink, styling my hair, and walking like a woman

As I grow older, I realize I am not the only one. A lot of other girls are 'PINK HATERS' like me. Infact most around me are part of the same tribe.

So there are very few around gutsy enough to carry on their pinkness with pride!

Today I realize that being PINK is one of the most bold things to do for girls. I most definitely have formed an opinion that those who do it with amour-propre are the real heroes. Those who know who they are, and are proud of themselves. No inhibitions for acceptance from others, no affectation for approvals.

Not that the tom boys are any less real, nor are they pretenders. Yet it takes a different level of courage altogether to be gratified of being a real 'polka pink girl'

I own a pink cell phone today (no other colour was available and I am in love with the cell too much to bother about the colour). I love it, but I am embarrassed to flip it out in public, especially in front of those who know me. I feel cornered by the glares I get from them, vulnerable!

My acrimony towards the colour and everything even minutely related to the epitome of being 'girl like' has brought this upon me. If only I had respected the ideal 'Pink Thong Girl' and not thought of it as a 'dumb blonde thing'.

Our stereotypes often arrests us in such dilemmas. These stereotypes perhaps are the only real unique lot. They have the fortitude to stand tall, with head held high showing the world who they are.

They do not explain, nor do they justify. They do what they want, want what they do. And the best is they do not even criticize you, even if you do the same to them.

So this one is a small salute to all those 'Pink-Frock-High Stilletoes-Mauve Nail Paint-Red Lip Stick' women. I am awed at their self confidence. I have no clue when I can do what they have always been doing... Look at me, I still bother explaining why I bought a pink phone!

I may flaunt being a tom boy (I will always remain one), but the real moxie is when you can flaunt otherwise. Hats off to all publicly pink lovers...Hail to the PINKDOM...Hail PINKHOOD!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

In the name of Liberation

In the age and day of fast cars, internet, and concepts like women liberation I sometimes really wonder what it means to be liberated.

With our urban centers being populated with high rises and sky scrappers, our rural counter parts are drenching in the same old situations.

I watched the movie 'Jogwa'. Cinematic excellence is the first thought that crossed my mind. And of course the tradition of Jogwa!

While reciting the story, an extremely dear and close friend happened to blurt "...and so it is like a legalized form of prostitution in the village and the sad part is, even men have no escape..."

I was so outraged at that unthoughtful comment, I felt desecrated (over reactions are a part of my being). I was more than just definite he did not mean what he just uttered (guys you know!). But after all he said it!

In this era of equality and women liberation et al, it is just heart breaking to see such atrocities happening across the world. But I realize one thing, there definitely is gender equality there...

A reason to rejoice? Not really. But it is just our mind set. I am awfully ashamed to have this little satisfaction that men are not excused, just as much as my friend was conscious- striken to have made that audacious statement I mentioned above.

We, the liberated urban youth are so oriented in our dis illusionary concepts of equality, that we forget in our own male chauvinistic/ feminist ideologies our very basic human value and sect called humanity.

So eat your words and thoughts next time you are offended with such social issues. Our prerogatives may differ, but in totality the problem is still the same. Be it gender, species, or anything else (me being an animal lover)

In the light of our prerogatives thus, let us not treat others in a  derogative manner. That I guess would then call upon the real Liberation- of thoughts, of people, of societies, and nations...