Monday, January 24, 2011

Virtual is Real

People I have not met and at times even not thought of in years are suddenly in touch with me. I know what they are doing, where they stay, where they work, their contact details, and even their relationship status. And when they change any of these I am notified immediately. Thanks to the networking sites!

This is the 'Kalyug' they say. Personally I feel 'Kalyug' is synonymous to 'Virtual living'. We talk, walk, work, and even love in this virtual world. So much so that I feel scared now that this may be the only reality!

Our entire life, in various ways are up on these sites. And then there are status updates. These are our moods. These reflect us as people,our character, etc. These statuses, at times are the new weapons...WMD's. It is a tool for some for character assassination, more than their own state of mind.

There is mud slinging and taunts on the screen many times. And it is only obvious who is it directed towards. I am wary while reading these, hoping they are not intended for me. I am dignified enough for personal confrontations. So when some people throw these censures at me with their statuses, I choose to just ignore them than partake of and encourage such acts of stupidity.

Then there is love, and the emoticons. Reflects what the person is feeling. Exactly.

You know everything about the person then. The world is becoming a smaller place to live. Work and play both exist equally in this world. So some invite me to join causes, while others want to indulge in Farmville and the likes.

There is politics and groupism too, which just need not be elaborated.

So this global community is building up new avenues and relationships. Or is it restricting us to our screens? I do not even remember the last time I 'penned' something down. I love my blog. It reaches to a wider audience.

Very often it so happens that people I chat to for hours on the internet, when I see them across the street, we do not even exchange as much as a smile, which is basic! So this might act as a platform for the shy, or this might just take away our entire being leaving us as 'hi :-)...' on the screens.

So the cliche is established. 'Every coin has two side'. What I do realize is that the bane surfaces only after the boons are saturated. Or in other words, when we are saturated. But will we ever be saturated with our virtual lives? For many they rather prefer it over reality, since they can portray exactly what people would want to see them as.

Reality seems like a farce. But soon writing letters will be invogue again, hopefully. Things have come a full circle before. Hopefully people will talk, than update statuses. Hopefully we will express in person than on networking sites. Hopefully we will be real people once again, than mere display pictures.

But till then make sure to check my virtual being on social networking sites, each time you get notified that I have a new alteration, addition, or detraction in my life!


  1. I totally agree to this...i have myself experienced facebook friends ignoring me on d road.. too funny..but yeah as u said.. there are a lot of things that u get to do which was not quite possible otherwise..
    there was a time when i hated FB.. but i guess its become necessary now...
    really well written piece..
    and btw.. WMD was too funny

  2. Another debauchery virtual world provides...being Anonymous!!!

  3. So may I know this Anonymous admirer? It would be even more pleasant that way