Monday, January 31, 2011

Jab We Clicked!

Sometimes you find great things amidst the most unexpected situations and circumstances. Same applies to certain people as well.

We think of something, and the final outcome is prodigiously unexpected. So bizarre, that its cognizance is a fun experience in itself.

We know some people for years. Yet we never think of them when we count our friends. Not because we do not like them, or that they are not likable. But just because it never occurs to us!

And then at times, fortuitously our paths cross in one way or the other (which again is another amazing thing altogether, just how our paths cross!)...and we unfold and unravel some aspects of these people which we had not ever witnessed before.

Flabbergasted we are! Also, overwhelmed to realize how much we are alike...just the way we click. Like a house on fire.

The past years of acquaintanceship seems burlesque, farcical. So similar, yet so different. So near yet so far. All these years we knew them, yet to now realize that what we knew is like a caricature of our own sense of knowing!

This is what I experienced just recently. Got to know the real persons of few acquaintances just to realize the similarity and familiarity with myself! Had a blast then...would only be an understatement to the way we boisterously spend the day.

Laughed and giggled at the most stupid stuff, and sat in the silence of nothingness enjoying the company. I loved it!

So this was one time I found find great things amidst the most unexpected situations, circumstances, and people. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward for more soon!!! (Read as Matheran/Waghbil/Bordi, or whichever place you like!)


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