Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Know Who Killed Jessica

The last post was a premonition.

This one is what actually followed.

I entered a fairly full multiplex for 10.00 am show.

Well, I am not underestimating the sort of movie I was about to witness.

I am sure many like me are eager for this one.

The first half was frustrating. Democracy seemed like an abuse there. I could hardly bear it.

And then the actual abuses and slangs were amusing nevertheless.

The murderer easily gets away, his father shoving up threats and moolah up the evidents and witnesses arses.

Wow! The family of the victim is lying in their misery, wanting to do something about it.

I could feel it in me. But just not enough.

And then the second half. The Media, The Savior...Really!

Then why was it sleeping for so long, while the witnesses forgot how to speak and understand Hindi.

And more than 300 people left the crime scene at 12.00.

On a better note however, justice delayed, was not really denied in this case.

Yes the intensity of the agony had quadrupled.

But Justice came. A nation rose in unity. A nation rose for its Democracy!

Today I know who killed Jessica, you know who killed her, India knows who did it.

It is because of our Democracy, not because of 'No One Killed Jessica'.

Since if it hadnt been for the Democracy, there would have been no such movie that I was appalled by today!

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  1. at most times i am a big critic of the media and their version of the news.. but in this case it was a slap on my face.. which i quite liked.. feels good tht even after all those years you could nail them..democracy may be ineffective and may be easily twisted by some.. but there is always hope that something can be done.. so cheers to the biggest democracy