Friday, January 7, 2011

Democracy and Me

I feel honored to live in a nation which is acclaimed as the worlds largest democracy.

I have the personal liberty to do what I want, the right to opinion, freedom of speech and expression.

I live in a country which has seen the exercise of the above said privileges to the fullest in every arena, right from politics, sports, entertainment, education, religion, spiritualism, etc.

However, today when I ponder over the same, I wonder if these are privileges after all. I feel it is more of a responsibility, which I do not think I am ready to take.

Then these so called privileges, which are actually the undertones of responsibilities, take an ugly colour of violations of the same. Then we have condemnations, ignominy, contempt, defiance. Each one of those words catering to a specific feeling that we hate to have, and yet cannot avoid!

Then this lack of compliance to accountability is reverted as positive discrimination. If people who do not fall in this explicit league realize the power of their privileges, we would not need the irony of Positive Discrimination and other such paradoxical anecdotes.

And yet my incompetence to fathom these great virtues has me only ponder about it. I rest peacefully in my complacent reverence and disdainfully choose to do nothing about it. I am falling in love with my convenient incompetence.

My liberty of religion, education, and spiritualism is languishing at the moment due to the lack of it being put to use with the support of the accountability it ought to have. But I shall wait till I feel I am strong enough. I first want to exercise my freedoms and privileges for myself to the fullest before I exercise my duties. But I am assertive and affirmative that I will. Fortunately, I have enough emotional, mental, physical, material, and financial backing to do so!

I am not only a citizen of the worlds biggest democratic nation, but also a part the same nation's most liberal and democratic household. I get to first exercise my personal liberty to do what I want, the right to opinion, freedom of speech and expression here at home, before I do so out. And here is the place where I am already learning to exercise my duties too.

Thus I feel honored to live in a nation which is acclaimed as the worlds largest democracy. Yes I do have the albatross to live up to it. For that my aspersions and self proclaimed priorities will have to take a back seat. But I have given myself some convenient time for it, since I am privileged enough to have been given the right to decide so by my family! Here is where I fall, get up and learn to be a small part of a whole unit. Here is where I earn the knowledge of being a responsible citizen of the worlds largest democracy!


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