Monday, January 31, 2011

Jab We Clicked!

Sometimes you find great things amidst the most unexpected situations and circumstances. Same applies to certain people as well.

We think of something, and the final outcome is prodigiously unexpected. So bizarre, that its cognizance is a fun experience in itself.

We know some people for years. Yet we never think of them when we count our friends. Not because we do not like them, or that they are not likable. But just because it never occurs to us!

And then at times, fortuitously our paths cross in one way or the other (which again is another amazing thing altogether, just how our paths cross!)...and we unfold and unravel some aspects of these people which we had not ever witnessed before.

Flabbergasted we are! Also, overwhelmed to realize how much we are alike...just the way we click. Like a house on fire.

The past years of acquaintanceship seems burlesque, farcical. So similar, yet so different. So near yet so far. All these years we knew them, yet to now realize that what we knew is like a caricature of our own sense of knowing!

This is what I experienced just recently. Got to know the real persons of few acquaintances just to realize the similarity and familiarity with myself! Had a blast then...would only be an understatement to the way we boisterously spend the day.

Laughed and giggled at the most stupid stuff, and sat in the silence of nothingness enjoying the company. I loved it!

So this was one time I found find great things amidst the most unexpected situations, circumstances, and people. I really enjoyed it. Looking forward for more soon!!! (Read as Matheran/Waghbil/Bordi, or whichever place you like!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Virtual is Real

People I have not met and at times even not thought of in years are suddenly in touch with me. I know what they are doing, where they stay, where they work, their contact details, and even their relationship status. And when they change any of these I am notified immediately. Thanks to the networking sites!

This is the 'Kalyug' they say. Personally I feel 'Kalyug' is synonymous to 'Virtual living'. We talk, walk, work, and even love in this virtual world. So much so that I feel scared now that this may be the only reality!

Our entire life, in various ways are up on these sites. And then there are status updates. These are our moods. These reflect us as people,our character, etc. These statuses, at times are the new weapons...WMD's. It is a tool for some for character assassination, more than their own state of mind.

There is mud slinging and taunts on the screen many times. And it is only obvious who is it directed towards. I am wary while reading these, hoping they are not intended for me. I am dignified enough for personal confrontations. So when some people throw these censures at me with their statuses, I choose to just ignore them than partake of and encourage such acts of stupidity.

Then there is love, and the emoticons. Reflects what the person is feeling. Exactly.

You know everything about the person then. The world is becoming a smaller place to live. Work and play both exist equally in this world. So some invite me to join causes, while others want to indulge in Farmville and the likes.

There is politics and groupism too, which just need not be elaborated.

So this global community is building up new avenues and relationships. Or is it restricting us to our screens? I do not even remember the last time I 'penned' something down. I love my blog. It reaches to a wider audience.

Very often it so happens that people I chat to for hours on the internet, when I see them across the street, we do not even exchange as much as a smile, which is basic! So this might act as a platform for the shy, or this might just take away our entire being leaving us as 'hi :-)...' on the screens.

So the cliche is established. 'Every coin has two side'. What I do realize is that the bane surfaces only after the boons are saturated. Or in other words, when we are saturated. But will we ever be saturated with our virtual lives? For many they rather prefer it over reality, since they can portray exactly what people would want to see them as.

Reality seems like a farce. But soon writing letters will be invogue again, hopefully. Things have come a full circle before. Hopefully people will talk, than update statuses. Hopefully we will express in person than on networking sites. Hopefully we will be real people once again, than mere display pictures.

But till then make sure to check my virtual being on social networking sites, each time you get notified that I have a new alteration, addition, or detraction in my life!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mayhem of Virtue

Since childhood days, the very first virtue I remember being taught by my parents was Respect. I had to respect God, my parents, elders, and everyone in the family. As I grew a bit, the list expanded to teachers and many others around me.

As simple as it may sound, today I feel the word has omnifarious meanings, each discrete to the character of the person and the situation. So what is respect? Is it applying 'uncle/aunty' to the elders, or saying the name of someone you have just gotten introduced to with 'gee'. That way I guess we even pay respect to our biscuits 'Parle G'.

Respect connotes different things then. For me it is acknowledgement of people around me, what they do for me, and how I should revert. I call people a good 10 years older than me by their first names. Does not mean I do not respect them. But I remember what they mean to me, and also make it a point for them to know. And they accede and ratify my exemplification of respect.

I try my level best to respect all around me. Not only humans, but animals and non living things too (my car and cell, I even talk to it at times). Yet when I do not seek blessings from uncles and aunties by touching their feet, or when I am honest enough to say I am busy, I may be ostracized for being disrespectful...

But that is exactly the thing right. Though I might brag of being a specimen when it comes to being respectful, I might still not live upto some expectations. Thanks to our divergent views of the exact same ethic.

Yet I have people who claim to respect me and what I share with them. And even after knowing how precarious and subjective the term is, I just cease to believe that it can be so conflicting with my views! Even after years of togetherness (so to say), they do not recognize my most basic needs from them...

The years together have just not been prolific enough then. I feel nonexistent, which I refuse to feel! I do not seek appreciation, but I do believe that I deserve to be conceded to say the least.

That is what I have not found. So I guess it is the best to seek closure on such matters. I do not want to dig on things which will never die out. The more I ponder, the deeper I will fall in the disorientation and bewilderment of distinct applications of a singular term. Sadly, the mayhem is very much over the meaning of the same term, the term that I remember very prominently being taught to me as the biggest virtues for respectful being.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Know Who Killed Jessica

The last post was a premonition.

This one is what actually followed.

I entered a fairly full multiplex for 10.00 am show.

Well, I am not underestimating the sort of movie I was about to witness.

I am sure many like me are eager for this one.

The first half was frustrating. Democracy seemed like an abuse there. I could hardly bear it.

And then the actual abuses and slangs were amusing nevertheless.

The murderer easily gets away, his father shoving up threats and moolah up the evidents and witnesses arses.

Wow! The family of the victim is lying in their misery, wanting to do something about it.

I could feel it in me. But just not enough.

And then the second half. The Media, The Savior...Really!

Then why was it sleeping for so long, while the witnesses forgot how to speak and understand Hindi.

And more than 300 people left the crime scene at 12.00.

On a better note however, justice delayed, was not really denied in this case.

Yes the intensity of the agony had quadrupled.

But Justice came. A nation rose in unity. A nation rose for its Democracy!

Today I know who killed Jessica, you know who killed her, India knows who did it.

It is because of our Democracy, not because of 'No One Killed Jessica'.

Since if it hadnt been for the Democracy, there would have been no such movie that I was appalled by today!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Democracy and Me

I feel honored to live in a nation which is acclaimed as the worlds largest democracy.

I have the personal liberty to do what I want, the right to opinion, freedom of speech and expression.

I live in a country which has seen the exercise of the above said privileges to the fullest in every arena, right from politics, sports, entertainment, education, religion, spiritualism, etc.

However, today when I ponder over the same, I wonder if these are privileges after all. I feel it is more of a responsibility, which I do not think I am ready to take.

Then these so called privileges, which are actually the undertones of responsibilities, take an ugly colour of violations of the same. Then we have condemnations, ignominy, contempt, defiance. Each one of those words catering to a specific feeling that we hate to have, and yet cannot avoid!

Then this lack of compliance to accountability is reverted as positive discrimination. If people who do not fall in this explicit league realize the power of their privileges, we would not need the irony of Positive Discrimination and other such paradoxical anecdotes.

And yet my incompetence to fathom these great virtues has me only ponder about it. I rest peacefully in my complacent reverence and disdainfully choose to do nothing about it. I am falling in love with my convenient incompetence.

My liberty of religion, education, and spiritualism is languishing at the moment due to the lack of it being put to use with the support of the accountability it ought to have. But I shall wait till I feel I am strong enough. I first want to exercise my freedoms and privileges for myself to the fullest before I exercise my duties. But I am assertive and affirmative that I will. Fortunately, I have enough emotional, mental, physical, material, and financial backing to do so!

I am not only a citizen of the worlds biggest democratic nation, but also a part the same nation's most liberal and democratic household. I get to first exercise my personal liberty to do what I want, the right to opinion, freedom of speech and expression here at home, before I do so out. And here is the place where I am already learning to exercise my duties too.

Thus I feel honored to live in a nation which is acclaimed as the worlds largest democracy. Yes I do have the albatross to live up to it. For that my aspersions and self proclaimed priorities will have to take a back seat. But I have given myself some convenient time for it, since I am privileged enough to have been given the right to decide so by my family! Here is where I fall, get up and learn to be a small part of a whole unit. Here is where I earn the knowledge of being a responsible citizen of the worlds largest democracy!