Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome Dear 2011

Another year comes to an end,
Another year is gone,
So all my dear family and friends,
Let's celebrate the new dawn.

A lot has been lost in the year,
But a lot has been gained too,
The days were full of laughters and tears,
I bet it was the same for you.

Tomorrow though, all will have changed,
Tomorrows gonna be different for me and you,
The beginning might seem a bit strange,
As everything is gonna be so new!

So brace all that you have,
As it might not be there with you,
Tomorrow you will be up for other grabs,
You will have a different point of view.

Like never before, enjoy today
As it will never come again
Make all the fondness stay,
Let go off all the pain.

Lets rejoice the wins,
Spread the joy and happiness,
And not hesitate the apologize for our sins,
To say sorry and ask for forgiveness.

So celebrate, the time has come
To bid good bye to 2010
Open your bottles of wine and rum,
Welcome dear 2011!

As I sat to pen this, a volcano of thoughts, emotions, and memories erupted in my head. 2010 has been a superlative year in all aspects. My losses have been like never before, same applies to the gains 2010 has offered me. But the best about this year is that everything was for the better. As they say, alls well that ends well.

This one is to all those family, friends, trainers, and well wisher who made 2010 worthwhile. This year has been of learning, experiencing and sharing. Of making new friends, and letting go of the rotten ones. And of the best pleasures that I have had in doing so. I hope I can spread happiness to many around me. Would also want to apologize for all my mistakes and I pray I become a better person this year.  Hoping the same for all of us in 2011!!!

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  1. like you, i had a wonderful year too. Full of downs and ups like ive never seen before. and d reason tht it went so well is that it ended so well. made so many mistakes and got to learn so much.
    and most importantly realised that people close to you remain with you even when ur stuck chin deep in total chaos. and though you pull yourself out, you dont realise how many times youve stepped on them on the way.
    so a very happy new year to you, and to everyone that was important in our lives. may you get all that you wished for. and that we all learn from our mistakes and make different mistakes this year.