Thursday, December 9, 2010

"To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine"

"To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine". I remember reading that so many time as the 'thought for the day' in school on the black board, that I actually got bored of it! Today when I think of it though, it sends a shiver down my spine. It surely is divine to forgive. What I am concerned of is, that I am only human.

So I err. That is human. But what about the times when you keep doing the same mistake again and again? Would that too then, be considered as being human? I hope not. I cannot deal with it then. I would be a big fat liar to say I have not committed the same mistake more than once. I have. Even after being warned by all, I let people ruin things for me. I let people be close enough, to give them the power to ruin things for me. And then there are other repeats, which vary in degree and intensity. Like may be always missing my medicines (which I still do). But well, I have learnt my lesson now (mostly). For good!

So I take this privilege of then pondering over others who gaffe intermittently, that too the same mistakes. Especially those who affect me. I get angry, disappointed, and feel helpless to say the least. But as my rush of agony settles into milder urges of irritation, I try to grasp what just happened. Console my self first, before I embark on reassuring the one who errs. The forgiveness comes in eventually, but not as a divine intervention.

And while I am trying to make them feel better, I feel like showing them the repercussions of  their inadequacy of thoughts and actions, hoping that it serves as a deterrent for them from making the same blunders again. Make new ones, that is how you will learn, that is how I have learnt, am learning, and will always do. One should mature, not only in age, thoughts, and experience, but also in ones erroneous behaviors. I mean there should definitely be a difference in your mistake of today, and that of 5 years earlier right?

So today I agree that "To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine". I definitely am a human. I err always. But each time, I try to make different errors, just so that I have different learnings from each. And about forgiveness, well I am a bit capable of that too, like most, like all. But instant forgiveness truly comes only from the divine, and that is not me. May be some day I will. Till then however, I will just hope that I have variety in my bloopers. And I pray the same for all around me!


  1. this is one post where your sense of humour comes out along with a dose of irritation and sarcasm. its too much fun to read i could actually see your face and ur reaction. hope all of us learn from our repeated mistakes

  2. Its like once you fool me, shame on you.. Twice you fool me, shame on me... I relate to it bit by bit... Nd make sure that i make a different mistake eachtym at least i learn something new out of it... But I'l let u in something I believe in.... Try forgiveness on those who have hurt u.. its brings shame and ridicule upon them to the hilts.. I mostly forgive cz I want to free my heart of the burden... But Akshaya your thinker!

  3. Thanks Niyati. As I said, forgiveness comes in eventually. I make sure it does. Right now I am working on lessening down the time it is taking. Hope I succeed