Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stay Raw, Stay Pure

Some 14 years back, it was my very first Annual Program in my CHS. Had just shifted, had new friends, and had set a dance on a tune on my Casio! It was sad though that no one could hear the tune and we did the last step way before it was scheduled.

But in the following years we ameliorated. Each year we put in loads of practice and the final performance would always be a blast! This happened for say about some 6 to 7 years. And then...Then we grew.

We were the elder batch then, so didnt participate much and just sat in the audience clapping for the younger ones. Today was our 14th annual function. I sat as audience. Applauded. Now I think what have I missed.

I saw [the youngest by mind and soul] aunty with full zing and zeal setting the entire programme. She is energy personified, and she is double my age. Then why did I grow 7 years back. What made me mature to have decided not to perform?

Things are the best and the purest in their original form. The more you fiddle with them, thinking you are making them better, you are actually making it lose its originality, its purity, its identity. 

As kids, we falter, make blunders, and learn from them. As grown ups, we do all the same, under the covers however. Everything has to be reasoned out. So we choose not to notice things!

As we grow,we leave the innocence behind under the pretext of maturity. God alone knows what that means. Maturity does not mean losing your innocence. Grown ups need not be diplomatic, politically correct always. It, on the other hand, means becoming more like what you were as a kid. We should grow in maturity, in innocence and being childlike. NOT OTHERWISE.

I truly love MTV's ad campaign- Stay Raw! It is high time we indulge in some rawness again. Make weird faces in front of the mirrors, dance to ourselves on a song on TV, sing nursery rhymes, hop-skip and jump on our building steps. Let us all get back to our original selves. No inhibitions, no pretensions, just a child that we always were. Let it out. Listen to it. It is screaming out to us!

I want to go back to my purest form. I know that would not be 100% possible today. But if a 40 year old can achieve most of it, I am sure I can too. Next year I will perform, just the way I did 14 years back. The only difference would be that I would be better than then, since I would have matured in my pure, innocent ways.

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  1. i am guessing uve written this in like 5 mins, truly getting out tht raw gut feeling? this is a very fresh read, and different from your other posts. this is somthing i truly need (maybe then ill be able to dance?)
    Loved d 2nd last para, can actually listen to my rawness screaming out.