Saturday, December 18, 2010

"I gave you life to enjoy everything"

While on Facebook, I read a comment (courtesy Neelu) saying 'Man asked God, "God give me everything to enjoy life", God replied, "I gave you life to enjoy everything"'. Really hard hitting. Very cogent.

I looked at myself. Looked around. Hmm. Nice house. Best set of parents I could ever ask for. An irritating nonchalant sister (I hate love her). Four lovely babies (read as pets). A settled love life. Great friends. So what more? Career may be (since I am still studying). That will be great too. I am sure.

We all have what we deserve. A life to say the least. Now it is up to us to make something of it. We just want everything, but cease to understand that to get everything, we need to do everything. Dolefully enough, this comes in only later. And till it comes, we pray, hope, wish!

That reminds me of an interview of Sindhutai Sapkal. Someone asked her. "Today's young girls are scared of lizards and cockroaches, how did you manage to live in a cemetery?" As always she was quick enough to reply, "Those girls you talk about have everything they need, hence they can enjoy the luxury of being scared of roaches. I, on the other hand was trying to make ends meet. Didnt have a place to live. You think roaches were even on my mind then?"

I felt ashamed. I am scared to death of cockroaches. And I have had a life most would envy. But this realization I guess was the most difficult to come. Now what seems to be the toughest, will come naturally I am sure. Making the most of what I have. And achieving what I dont!

God gave me life to enjoy everything. I am blithe to be so blessed. I would not deny of sporadic events of me cribbing, but most times I am enjoying everything. I strongly believe that I have it because I deserve it. And more than that, I am certain that at no point in life I am going to make myself undeserving of it.

Quite a hard hitting thought that is. "I gave you life to enjoy everything". We sure have a life. We sure can see everything. Now how we make sure both of these coincide, is what will make our lives worth living!


  1. Realisation of being thankful for what you have is good enough!... Nyc.. Ur reference to Sindhutai Sapkal was befitting your article topic.. She is a legend and an inspiration for all of womankind...

  2. I think Sindhutai is an inspiration to the 'live'kind

  3. most of what u say is what we (at least me) have been hearing all our lives. but whats different is your take on things. that is what makes it great read. another thing about your posts is that they are quite thought provoking. keep playing on your mind for some time. great job.