Friday, December 3, 2010

Happily Ever After

I had a debate in my Counselling forum today. Could not get a more perfect topic than what was, for today. Love versus Arranged Marriage. Yeah Right! That is exactly what I wanted to debate on today. As the debate took its course, it was quite negative in emotion. Both groups were just affirming the problems in their opponents topic. Little frustrating. And then I switched off to take a jaunt thinking about the Institution of Marriage.

One of the oldest and most sacred institutions, Marriage is criticized and mocked the most, and it is amazing how it still stands strong, against all odds and vices. As a raging, impulsive, and immature teen, I would always find myself pondering over how two individuals (claiming to be in love) can live with each other for their entire life. I mean, dont they grow after a certain point, dont they mature? Prying on it got me even more confused, so did looking at all the wonderful (and at times not so wonderful) couples around me.

As I said, I was immature. Not that I am any better today, but certainly that one topic does not bother me as much. I see and understand my confusion today, as apprehension and anticipation of something I did not have a clue about. Now I realize, that you certainly do grow and mature together, but not at the same pace. Your partner and you have differences, you hate each other at times, want to kill each other, and yet what keeps it going is something much more amazing that anything else. And please, it is not Love for god sake. Or may be not for me atleast. It is just the very fact that you want to kill that person, the person knows of it, and still very much wants to be with you. Infact, would not mind dying for you. Now that is what results in Love!!!

I still think that I have no right to comment on this. Neither do I have the experience, nor the intelligence to. But when I think of myself 10 years down the line, I know that I want to be with the same person I have been with for the past 3 years. I hate him, he is like the most irritating person I have come across. Immature than I am (he is a guy after all), careless, and everything else that would probably make you want to stay away from someone. And yet he is someone who knows me, and understands me, especially when I want to kick, box, and kill him! Loves to be with me, takes my tantrums with a smile. And I want to be with him too. Just as much. Weird ha? Well thats how all of us like it, dont we? That is how I am liking it for the past 3 years, and looking forward to many such years with him.

Marriage, I guess lies on the same lines. You both work for it, it works. Else it just falls, like an other institution in decay. As far as the debate goes, Arranged marriage won. Surprise Surprise, since most married people participating in the debate had a Love Marriage. But then as I said, that is how it works right, though you know something, you still want to live life otherwise. That makes you happy. Like I know he is just not my types, and yet I want to live my life with him. Long Live Marriages and the irony attached to it. And Long Live Happily Ever Afters. Cheers!!!


  1. as u have mentioned, just knowing that you have someone to absorb all your tantrums and mood swings is so relieving.. i dunno about killing though. though you dont mature in the same way, u do it together, which is one of the best journeys i have had. and yeah, love is about having so many options, cribbing that you are stuck in d middle of nowhere, but knowing that you would do anything to stay where you are.
    Happy Anniversary

  2. This the first and the only comment I really loved of yours. Thank you