Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Day Like None Before

A sweet song,
A fine tune,
I hum through the day
Like a mystic rune

I lay on my back
Thinking what to do
As I see...
My dream coming true!

For very long now,
I have wanted this
It has been
My strongest wish.

To see everything
Falling in place,
My prayers are answered
I know it's his grace.

I worked for it,
Putting in every nerve,
This is what I know
I truly deserve

This day has been,
Like none before
For the rest of my life,
I will always adore!

Wanna spread the happiness
I want to share the joy
Feel like converting this feeling
Into a convoy!

A day like none before,
Hoping to see many such more!

Things always work for us, in one way or the other. When they do, you just forget all the miseries you went through to get what you want!

Spread the feeling of triumph, of achievement, of contentment to one and all. It will multiple in a way you would not believe.

It happened with me. I am sure will happen with you too. It's about time you give it a try. It sure is worth a shot!

For me, it has been a day like none before. Unanticipated, unfathomable, unexpected- to say the least. But least is what I will say. The rest is up to you to understand and to feel. Hope you do just the way I did. And I loved it!

Has nothing to do with me specifically, just a baby of the randomness in my head! And seeing things work for someone I care about...Its the infection Happiness that has caught me. Hoping it catches all my readers as well!!!


  1. every dot n comma stands true. i feel if u really deserve to find something in life it ends up finding u. and it is a feeling like none other. like finally things working out. And logic totally is defeated at such times. like u search the world for something and u end up finding it at home.
    and this feeling just gets better when u have someone besides u who has seen n felt the trouble u have gone through, and u can share this twist of fate with that person.

  2. loved the poetry.. talent hai tu