Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome Dear 2011

Another year comes to an end,
Another year is gone,
So all my dear family and friends,
Let's celebrate the new dawn.

A lot has been lost in the year,
But a lot has been gained too,
The days were full of laughters and tears,
I bet it was the same for you.

Tomorrow though, all will have changed,
Tomorrows gonna be different for me and you,
The beginning might seem a bit strange,
As everything is gonna be so new!

So brace all that you have,
As it might not be there with you,
Tomorrow you will be up for other grabs,
You will have a different point of view.

Like never before, enjoy today
As it will never come again
Make all the fondness stay,
Let go off all the pain.

Lets rejoice the wins,
Spread the joy and happiness,
And not hesitate the apologize for our sins,
To say sorry and ask for forgiveness.

So celebrate, the time has come
To bid good bye to 2010
Open your bottles of wine and rum,
Welcome dear 2011!

As I sat to pen this, a volcano of thoughts, emotions, and memories erupted in my head. 2010 has been a superlative year in all aspects. My losses have been like never before, same applies to the gains 2010 has offered me. But the best about this year is that everything was for the better. As they say, alls well that ends well.

This one is to all those family, friends, trainers, and well wisher who made 2010 worthwhile. This year has been of learning, experiencing and sharing. Of making new friends, and letting go of the rotten ones. And of the best pleasures that I have had in doing so. I hope I can spread happiness to many around me. Would also want to apologize for all my mistakes and I pray I become a better person this year.  Hoping the same for all of us in 2011!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stay Raw, Stay Pure

Some 14 years back, it was my very first Annual Program in my CHS. Had just shifted, had new friends, and had set a dance on a tune on my Casio! It was sad though that no one could hear the tune and we did the last step way before it was scheduled.

But in the following years we ameliorated. Each year we put in loads of practice and the final performance would always be a blast! This happened for say about some 6 to 7 years. And then...Then we grew.

We were the elder batch then, so didnt participate much and just sat in the audience clapping for the younger ones. Today was our 14th annual function. I sat as audience. Applauded. Now I think what have I missed.

I saw [the youngest by mind and soul] aunty with full zing and zeal setting the entire programme. She is energy personified, and she is double my age. Then why did I grow 7 years back. What made me mature to have decided not to perform?

Things are the best and the purest in their original form. The more you fiddle with them, thinking you are making them better, you are actually making it lose its originality, its purity, its identity. 

As kids, we falter, make blunders, and learn from them. As grown ups, we do all the same, under the covers however. Everything has to be reasoned out. So we choose not to notice things!

As we grow,we leave the innocence behind under the pretext of maturity. God alone knows what that means. Maturity does not mean losing your innocence. Grown ups need not be diplomatic, politically correct always. It, on the other hand, means becoming more like what you were as a kid. We should grow in maturity, in innocence and being childlike. NOT OTHERWISE.

I truly love MTV's ad campaign- Stay Raw! It is high time we indulge in some rawness again. Make weird faces in front of the mirrors, dance to ourselves on a song on TV, sing nursery rhymes, hop-skip and jump on our building steps. Let us all get back to our original selves. No inhibitions, no pretensions, just a child that we always were. Let it out. Listen to it. It is screaming out to us!

I want to go back to my purest form. I know that would not be 100% possible today. But if a 40 year old can achieve most of it, I am sure I can too. Next year I will perform, just the way I did 14 years back. The only difference would be that I would be better than then, since I would have matured in my pure, innocent ways.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Day Like None Before

A sweet song,
A fine tune,
I hum through the day
Like a mystic rune

I lay on my back
Thinking what to do
As I see...
My dream coming true!

For very long now,
I have wanted this
It has been
My strongest wish.

To see everything
Falling in place,
My prayers are answered
I know it's his grace.

I worked for it,
Putting in every nerve,
This is what I know
I truly deserve

This day has been,
Like none before
For the rest of my life,
I will always adore!

Wanna spread the happiness
I want to share the joy
Feel like converting this feeling
Into a convoy!

A day like none before,
Hoping to see many such more!

Things always work for us, in one way or the other. When they do, you just forget all the miseries you went through to get what you want!

Spread the feeling of triumph, of achievement, of contentment to one and all. It will multiple in a way you would not believe.

It happened with me. I am sure will happen with you too. It's about time you give it a try. It sure is worth a shot!

For me, it has been a day like none before. Unanticipated, unfathomable, unexpected- to say the least. But least is what I will say. The rest is up to you to understand and to feel. Hope you do just the way I did. And I loved it!

Has nothing to do with me specifically, just a baby of the randomness in my head! And seeing things work for someone I care about...Its the infection Happiness that has caught me. Hoping it catches all my readers as well!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"I gave you life to enjoy everything"

While on Facebook, I read a comment (courtesy Neelu) saying 'Man asked God, "God give me everything to enjoy life", God replied, "I gave you life to enjoy everything"'. Really hard hitting. Very cogent.

I looked at myself. Looked around. Hmm. Nice house. Best set of parents I could ever ask for. An irritating nonchalant sister (I hate love her). Four lovely babies (read as pets). A settled love life. Great friends. So what more? Career may be (since I am still studying). That will be great too. I am sure.

We all have what we deserve. A life to say the least. Now it is up to us to make something of it. We just want everything, but cease to understand that to get everything, we need to do everything. Dolefully enough, this comes in only later. And till it comes, we pray, hope, wish!

That reminds me of an interview of Sindhutai Sapkal. Someone asked her. "Today's young girls are scared of lizards and cockroaches, how did you manage to live in a cemetery?" As always she was quick enough to reply, "Those girls you talk about have everything they need, hence they can enjoy the luxury of being scared of roaches. I, on the other hand was trying to make ends meet. Didnt have a place to live. You think roaches were even on my mind then?"

I felt ashamed. I am scared to death of cockroaches. And I have had a life most would envy. But this realization I guess was the most difficult to come. Now what seems to be the toughest, will come naturally I am sure. Making the most of what I have. And achieving what I dont!

God gave me life to enjoy everything. I am blithe to be so blessed. I would not deny of sporadic events of me cribbing, but most times I am enjoying everything. I strongly believe that I have it because I deserve it. And more than that, I am certain that at no point in life I am going to make myself undeserving of it.

Quite a hard hitting thought that is. "I gave you life to enjoy everything". We sure have a life. We sure can see everything. Now how we make sure both of these coincide, is what will make our lives worth living!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine"

"To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine". I remember reading that so many time as the 'thought for the day' in school on the black board, that I actually got bored of it! Today when I think of it though, it sends a shiver down my spine. It surely is divine to forgive. What I am concerned of is, that I am only human.

So I err. That is human. But what about the times when you keep doing the same mistake again and again? Would that too then, be considered as being human? I hope not. I cannot deal with it then. I would be a big fat liar to say I have not committed the same mistake more than once. I have. Even after being warned by all, I let people ruin things for me. I let people be close enough, to give them the power to ruin things for me. And then there are other repeats, which vary in degree and intensity. Like may be always missing my medicines (which I still do). But well, I have learnt my lesson now (mostly). For good!

So I take this privilege of then pondering over others who gaffe intermittently, that too the same mistakes. Especially those who affect me. I get angry, disappointed, and feel helpless to say the least. But as my rush of agony settles into milder urges of irritation, I try to grasp what just happened. Console my self first, before I embark on reassuring the one who errs. The forgiveness comes in eventually, but not as a divine intervention.

And while I am trying to make them feel better, I feel like showing them the repercussions of  their inadequacy of thoughts and actions, hoping that it serves as a deterrent for them from making the same blunders again. Make new ones, that is how you will learn, that is how I have learnt, am learning, and will always do. One should mature, not only in age, thoughts, and experience, but also in ones erroneous behaviors. I mean there should definitely be a difference in your mistake of today, and that of 5 years earlier right?

So today I agree that "To Err is Human, To Forgive is Divine". I definitely am a human. I err always. But each time, I try to make different errors, just so that I have different learnings from each. And about forgiveness, well I am a bit capable of that too, like most, like all. But instant forgiveness truly comes only from the divine, and that is not me. May be some day I will. Till then however, I will just hope that I have variety in my bloopers. And I pray the same for all around me!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happily Ever After

I had a debate in my Counselling forum today. Could not get a more perfect topic than what was, for today. Love versus Arranged Marriage. Yeah Right! That is exactly what I wanted to debate on today. As the debate took its course, it was quite negative in emotion. Both groups were just affirming the problems in their opponents topic. Little frustrating. And then I switched off to take a jaunt thinking about the Institution of Marriage.

One of the oldest and most sacred institutions, Marriage is criticized and mocked the most, and it is amazing how it still stands strong, against all odds and vices. As a raging, impulsive, and immature teen, I would always find myself pondering over how two individuals (claiming to be in love) can live with each other for their entire life. I mean, dont they grow after a certain point, dont they mature? Prying on it got me even more confused, so did looking at all the wonderful (and at times not so wonderful) couples around me.

As I said, I was immature. Not that I am any better today, but certainly that one topic does not bother me as much. I see and understand my confusion today, as apprehension and anticipation of something I did not have a clue about. Now I realize, that you certainly do grow and mature together, but not at the same pace. Your partner and you have differences, you hate each other at times, want to kill each other, and yet what keeps it going is something much more amazing that anything else. And please, it is not Love for god sake. Or may be not for me atleast. It is just the very fact that you want to kill that person, the person knows of it, and still very much wants to be with you. Infact, would not mind dying for you. Now that is what results in Love!!!

I still think that I have no right to comment on this. Neither do I have the experience, nor the intelligence to. But when I think of myself 10 years down the line, I know that I want to be with the same person I have been with for the past 3 years. I hate him, he is like the most irritating person I have come across. Immature than I am (he is a guy after all), careless, and everything else that would probably make you want to stay away from someone. And yet he is someone who knows me, and understands me, especially when I want to kick, box, and kill him! Loves to be with me, takes my tantrums with a smile. And I want to be with him too. Just as much. Weird ha? Well thats how all of us like it, dont we? That is how I am liking it for the past 3 years, and looking forward to many such years with him.

Marriage, I guess lies on the same lines. You both work for it, it works. Else it just falls, like an other institution in decay. As far as the debate goes, Arranged marriage won. Surprise Surprise, since most married people participating in the debate had a Love Marriage. But then as I said, that is how it works right, though you know something, you still want to live life otherwise. That makes you happy. Like I know he is just not my types, and yet I want to live my life with him. Long Live Marriages and the irony attached to it. And Long Live Happily Ever Afters. Cheers!!!