Thursday, November 18, 2010

Of Friends Turning Foes...and then Non Existent!

You have been my top priority for the longest period I remember. I have seen you grow from an immature wannabe to someone I was proud of. And surprisingly, I loved to believe that I was the same for you. Surprisingly! Our long phone conversations, which never got boring, spending whole days together, petty fights, abusing each other, and yet being unable to do without each other. Perfect is just an understatement.

You were there when I wanted to cry, laugh, act wacked. I was there for you whenever you needed me. We have been through my boyfriends and break ups, your crushes, our families and parents. Projects and assignments took the better of us at times, and yet we managed to spend as much time as possible. Nothing was ever a problem, our gender, religion, caste, our individual crushes. Nothing got in between us. Great!

Life has been a roller coaster, and we sat beside each other as it took its course, when it went up high, and then when in double the speed came down. We sat together, holding hands and screaming out loud when it turned upside down. And then suddenly it STOPPED!!!

Things change. Always. That is inevitable. But I did not know it can turn you upside down, making you feel everything that you shared like an illusion. New friends, both had... Then I wonder how the change was only from one side. And now it has reached a point where I have people who I do not know even exist advising me and telling me how to deal with you...LMAO!

I am blamed to have never accepted you,. Muck being thrown from both sides. I feel like a pig in a pigsty. I want to get out of it...But you are like quick sand, pulling me in deeper. You had the ability to bring out the best in me, and now you get out the worst. I do not want to hate you and disrespect what I felt for you all this while. And yet you amazingly make me do what I had never dreamt of.

But now I am stronger. Ignorance is a bliss. I have realized that. I have erased out OUR memories. They remind me of YOU. I feel like I was never there. I wish you luck with your future endeavors. I know you will go places. And I will make sure I am not there to see you. No bad feelings. No grudges. Just ignorance. Just oblivion.

I was the body, you were the soul,
Life with you was on a roll,
There is nothing that we didnt do together
About the world we never bothered.

In the rains and under the sun,
We were always, always one.
You stood up for me when I needed you
I did the same for you too.

But one fine day everything was gone,
It was like a realization had dawned,
You found others to stick around with,
Our friendship seemed like a myth.

I cried and cried and got depressed,
Couldnt believe that we are sucha mess,
You never tried to sort is out though.
And now the best friends have turned into foes.

Yet you I will never hate,
I will just believe that this was our fate,
I will choose to be oblivious to you,
Cuz what I had for you was pure and true.

I just felt like stopping here, leaving it to end in the most obnoxious manner. But everything does not need to end that way. I will not let that happen. Because I know how it feels when things end abruptly. I know most have gone through this when you read it. Some might even feel guilty. But the point is not to make you feel so. It is for you to just let go!


  1. What had to happen had to happen. You gained experience from this and it will surely help you in the future.

    About the stanzas. They were great. You should write more of it

  2. ashiiieee... very ver cute,,, u missed da car ride babe.. its da cherry on da cake.. :p
    goodto see u expressing ur self so well..

  3. @Ron:what car ride?This isnt abt Achu