Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nostalgia of a Different Kind

How many times have you bumped into people you have known for a while and then they suddenly disappeared into thin air, making you believe that you will never be seeing them again? And how many times meeting these people has made you invigorate yourself to an extent that you go breathless? Let me guess. Very rare right. But I am sure whenever such an incident occurs it makes you go through a promenade of such a variety of emotions, that you find yourself in a maze of disorientated feelings, thoughts, words, and expressions.

I met someone today who made me feel exactly that way. So this one is a tribute to those who are not around at the moment, but I hope to see them soon. My school friends, college friends, relatives, etc. They live in my memories, I communicate to them through it. But I vehemently wish to see them again. Just like I did today.

There was a time when I knew everything about you. There was a coherent bond which we shared. Your thoughts and words were the most articulate when I pronounced them. Or that is what I loved to believe. And then time took its toll. We parted ways. You lived in my memory though. Most times, I did not open those chambers, intentionally or unintentionally. And even if I did, it would be a sojourn. But you remained there. I refused to let you leave, and I am glad I did.

Years passed by with no trace of you, of us. I got carried away in my life, you in yours. One fine day, it was like reminiscence. You stood there right in front of my eyes and those times we spent together some years back just flashed as if it were yesterday. And then what...we still clicked. We still are like a house on fire. Like we just picked up from where we had left.

But things are a bit different now. You look at me in a different way. Causes me no discomfort though. I see you in a different light. I think the time and distance has worked its magic. And yet that does not seem to make too much of a difference. Respect and dignity to what we had, and to what we have still remains strong, and that is what just makes this even more stupefying. I see you as a completely different individual today. You have grown. You are stronger. And it makes me feel good. Feels like a total stranger, and strangely a very well known stranger. Our lives are on two varied pathways and it is great to see how they have crossed again today. There is so much that has happened in these years. It seems like vacuum, and I still do not bother to fill it. We both have very different ways of living, different priorities, and other important people influencing us. And yet there is place for you to fit, not as you did earlier, but may be in an even better way.

I do not know if we have met to part ways again. But even if we do, I am sure we will see each other once again, in much different views at that point. We will go through the similar learning experience that we did now, may be to part again. Or may be not. We might remain in touch henceforth, remain friends, or acquaintances. Either ways, we are learning. This surely will be metaphorical of our growth. Allegorical of our nostalgia.

So this was one time when I bumped into someone I have known for a while and then he suddenly disappeared into thin air, making me believe that I will never be seeing him again. But I did. It was sheer nostalgia to express the least. And I hope I bump into many of such people more often. Those who I have lost out in time, and those who lost me out in time. I want to be stertorous once again, doped in a similar nostalgia. But for now, I am high enough and guess would remain so till my next post!

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  1. Same thing happened wid me 2-3 months back. Met a college friend after 4 years and it felt really good to meet him. We used to hav lot of fun in college but we never met after tht. We talked about senseless things like we always did n all the fun we used to hav. It was wonerful. There are so many friends who have been out of touch. I hope tht we meet soon.