Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lie To Me

I found my self falling in love once again. And it feels great. It really does. I am a big fan of Tim Roth, I love him. Reason? Well just watch Lie To Me. With the whole deception specialist and micro expressions and such similar things, Tim Roth has become the sexiest man alive for me. Well actually its Cal Lightman I am in love with. Tim Roth just gets the advantage of being his face. Not that it will ever make a difference to him. But for me, and those who will make time to read this, it will.

As I spent hours watching Lie to Me, episode by episode, through the entire Season 1 (I have all the 13 on a DVD, will get the next 2 seasons too) I was mesmerized by how a twitch of a muscle can tell a tale, the truth actually. And I know this happens, since I have been quite close to similar sciences (Read as Graphology). So deceptions can be caught by a naked eye, without a polygraph, or a narcotic. Awesome.

After every episode I looked at myself and said things to notice deflections. Some to see them intentionally. While some as a reassurance of my feelings. I do not want to explicitly say either of them here. And then while standing in front of the mirror, I wondered how on earth there is nothing that is remotely unique to me?

My handwriting has universal traits, so do my expressions. Guess what...My blog is the documentation of the strongest feelings I have felt, and people relate to that as well. A hell of a realization that is. So what is it that makes me any different from anybody. What is it that makes any one of us any different?

We all are well connected and bound by basic tendencies, which how much ever we like to desist, still remains a fact. We are all made that way. Call it science, call it metaphysics, call it divine intervention, it all means and results to the same thing. After all, we are humans right. A species. Just like any other that we use for our experiments. So yes we all are the same, in one way or the other. We just choose to think otherwise. Keep lying about it to ourselves.

And yet we are separate individuals, entities so to say. Universality is inevitable. That is why we have the generalists and the specialists right. We have men and women. I think this universalness is what has made us make these distinction. The universal human need of being different, of being unique leads us to making moieties, segments, communities of people, which only we can differentiate. So there is gender, religion, caste, colour, you name it and you will find it. It is funny, that even after so much of efforts, we all relate to it. Back to square one right. It again is universal.

So now what. For me however I am unique. Not any different or better from the people around me. But just the way I look at this universality around me makes me stand out from the most. I do not 'Lie To Me'. I have stopped spending time thinking why am I not exclusive and unexampled. Instead I have accepted that none of us are, and I love it that way. It makes me one with all around. Dont you remember 'United we stand, divided we fall'. That is why in the first place, then I feel that there is no segregation as to how we are. What defines us individually though is, how we are...Confusing right. Have a look at it again, you will get it. After all we are similar right!

So I am in love again. With Tim Roth, Cal Lightman, and Lie to Me. Have caught quite a few expressions by now. I can do that bit, it is enjoyable I must say. Most times looking at myself give those gestures is. And if I can ever come across a mad scientist and an eccentric like Dr. Cal, who just gives me the most crucifying stare (I love that mad stare and expression) I will sure try with all my expressions, feelings, and all other 'universal' aspects to be a close associate (in which ever sense you like to take that, it is free for your interpretation).


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