Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dragon Fly

Just the night before Diwali, I had a dragon fly home. I tried to make it fly away outside, but it chose to stay back near my tube light. Since then I have been wondering why was it out so late in the night (I know it is a funny thing to wonder, but I do humanize most things around me, including non living things). And ever since, I wanted to write my next post titled Dragon Fly.

Yet I was at loss of words. I was at a loss of thoughts and topics to write on. Dragon Fly...What does it denote. What do I relate it to? And then suddenly, like fresh water flowing, there came a rush of thoughts in a disoriented way. Took me some time to make meaning out of it. Yet I choose to write it here. Do not know if it relates to the title. Do not even know if it makes sense. And still it flows as smoothly as possible, from my heart, mind, and my brain as well. A perfect blend, a perfect combination. So here goes:

Dragon Fly

Between us, all that is said and done,
I still know for a fact that you are the one,
To hold me close and kiss me tight,
When I wake up scared in the middle of the night.

But now for a while when I will be gone,
You will seem so far, for so long,
And though I know what we share is true,
Still dont know how, I will do without you.

So now I am really freaked to go,
Cuz' I am leaving you alone while I do so,
And I hope to see you at the earliest again,
So that when I am back, we can enjoy together our first rain!

Yes, as I said, you might not find any string between the title and the stanzas. It may be the most amateur piece of a group of rhyming words you have come across. And yet I am sure that deep down in you, you relate to it just the way I do. You laugh at yourself, spare a moment, and then continue reading again, amazed at how the silliest things can get you the deepest pleasures.

And yes, coming back to that Dragon Fly. Diwali morning first thing, it flew away. I am sure it is enjoying the rain, whether or not its first one. And I feel great to have finally managed to make sense of this little non sense titled Dragon Fly...


  1. Ur absolutely right. This post dosn make any sense at all. ... or does it?
    In the recent past ive learnt to take things at face value, which means ur post does not make any sense at all.
    But 2nd read down ur article clicks, and i cant believe it does.

  2. @Ashwin I totally agree with you. It seems vague in the beginning but when u read it again, it does makes sense.