Saturday, October 23, 2010


'Blogs', whats that? May be some wannabe thing where people want to show off their writing skills...I dont think Ill ever do something like that. This was me...some days back.

What would you call it? Perceptions, pre-conceived notions, judgments? Choose the word you like. That is what makes you different from me. That is what makes human kind gain its superiority. Our ability to think, choose, and then decide. But then wait, think again...are we rushing to conclusions? Is it really 'our' ability, or just the 'availability' of options, of choices... We choose, because we have alternatives. We decide because we can eliminate from these. May be that is why we are the superior ones, or thats what we claim to be.

Perceptions are reflections, reflections of ourselves. We perceive something, because we hope that it is that way. We want it to be that way. And then when we realize it is not, then we choose to run away from it. Not face it. Humans...the superior ones. What is it that gets us so see things the way they are. Why cannot we just take things at face value? Uncertainty is our biggest devil. It scares us, it haunts us.

Humans are scared of things they have half knowledge about. May be that's why the statement 'No knowledge is better than half knowledge'. This fear may be out of the perception of coming to know something that you did not perceive it to be that way. Or may be plainly because of the fact that knowing completely about it might crack your established beliefs on it. That is how then, I guess, we have become a superior race. Superiority, in terms of ignorance, superiority in terms of oblivion.

Someday may be then, when we break our own chains of perceptions, we will grow out to be a better species, even stronger. May be then, we will be superior. Right now, I doubt it though...Remember my opening statement. I am sure you do. Here I am writing a blog. Change in perception? Well may be. But long way to go. Right now I am thinking 'writing a blog is not sucha wannabe thing after all'. Because I am doing it right now! Superiority you see. I am not a wannabe, that just cant be me.

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  1. Hi Aashi, this is another wonderful post tht u hav written. What I loved most was the way you used the words. Great going. Keep on writing