Monday, October 25, 2010

Memories...Sweet Fond Memories!

Today again, someone important is moving away, leaving me to contemplate on how life moves on, whether you like it or not. This one is dedicated to one of my trainer's, who has helped me grow in the past year into a much confident person. Her confidence in me has made me work harder, just so that I do not land up disappointing her. So a big Thank You for happening to me, it has been a pleasure to be your student. It makes my heart well up to think of you shifting away. But I am sure we will be connected.

Most of us have been through this in our lives. Things, people, incidences that have shaped our lives, have made us what we, are eventually move away. What they leave behind are sweet fond memories, that we cherish throughout. May be their motive of being with us is just that. And once that is accomplished, they move make space for the next good thing. Thats why may be, these people and what you share with them is the most uncomplicated, innocent bond. A bond that just always remain strong, even after both of us have moved on.

Yet, they remain with us forever. I remember my first crush when I was in third grade. I did not even know the meaning of having a crush, but I guess he was the first boy I found cute. We were friends, Close buddies. And then he shifted else where leaving no trace of him behind. I still remember him, miss him, think of him fondly, and even curse him for just going away. I am sure he thinks of me too. Or at least I hope. This hope keeps me connected to him. Always.

Today I see life full with so many of such instances, of people, of things that have made me what I am. These still make me happy, even their thought gets a smile on my face. My first barbie, my first G I Joe (yes I had plenty of them, I even got few married to my barbies), my first toy car, cycle, scooter, 2 wheeler, my first crush, boyfriend, hug, kiss, etc etc etc. Things which will never come back. And the best part is, I dont even want them to come back. I love where they stay. In my memories, close to my heart. Yes I love them there. If they come back, they might, just might lose their worth. I cannot afford that. No I cant, since these are exactly the memories I need to make myself feel worth, worth everything thats happening around. Worth everything that is happening to me.

So dear Ma'am, this ones for you. I wish you all the very best for all your endeavors. I know we will always be connected, in touch, through memories. Like I just mentioned above, I would love you to know that you are one of these fond memories I have, making me feel better when I am feeling low, making me feel worth, never allowing me to let go. And as I said, memories that always get a smile on my face...I am thinking of you...And here I go...I am smiling!!!


  1. brings back a lot of memories, especially about G i joes. and yeah, now that i think about it, remembering someone is as good as communicating.

  2. memories....a precious asset which everyone have in their life...which last forever till last day of our life..some may be good, some may be worse...but its an universal truth that everybody lives in their own memories...that may be good or bad, positive or negative...we give glossy names to them like scenario, experience, fate etc etc... at the moment when life ends nothing remains with you except memories...some dies with us... some remains in others heart forever...its up to you how u want to remembered on this good sense or bad...

    kuch jyada hi philosophical ho gaya yaar..nice blog aashi...mere pahle crush ki yaad dila di..