Sunday, October 24, 2010

I want to Learn

Two years back I had no clue of what I wanted to do. Sitting in the woods of Mumbai's best colleges 'St. Xaviers' College', eating my dabba (my mother is the best cook in the world), I looked around at the hustle for the upcoming Malhar 08'. Five years had passed since I joined this college. This is my last year. Will I miss of all this? What have I gained in these years? What have I lost? As I chose to sit there, pondering over the nothings in my head in the 50 minute long break, suddenly something blasted in my head. A question that was never asked, let alone be answered...'What next?'

There was a sudden rush of anticipation inside me, of fear, and of excitement. A whole new world waiting out for me. But how do I respond to their wait. I had absolutely no idea. I went back to class. The thought ceased to let go off me, for the next couple of days. I spoke to friends. Searched online. Read a few things around...What is it that I like doing the most. By the time I could answer that, I had my prelims coming up. I guess that is what answered my question. I am sure it did. I wanted to study, to learn. Things that I was unaware of, things I was intrigued by. Unravel them, see what they had in store for me.

Today when I look back at that phase, I realize it was filled with confusion and speculation. But some how I enjoy those memories. Degrees hardly matter. It is just a piece of paper saying you have answered the questions in the examination as per the moderators expectations. However how you deal and interact with your environment and struggle to get that degree is what can make your world go upside down, or should I say in my case right side up...

I do not want to discuss my professional qualification. Makes no sense here. Some might call me jack of all trades, some might say 'wow your doing a lot'. But for me, its plainly learning. I have found peace here. Solace. It is an experience, which just keeps growing in me. Everyday is a new learning experience. At home, with my family, my friends, my pets, my college, the strangers I come across. Everything, everyone teaches me something new, makes me have an entirely different experience.  I am enjoying every bit of it. And I am glad I am. There are a lot more things I want to learn. I am sure I will. Yet, whether I put these to use or not, well that is a different thought altogether. May be, I am still learning how to utilize it most effectively. I still want to learn that.


  1. Again something that everyone can relate to.. your character in this short story is universal.. everybody has felt that rush of excitement and apprehension.. a closed door opens up an arena of opportunities..
    on a lot of ways i could relate to what you wrote.. me too, am doing sooo many things.. want to explore each and every concept, thing whatever that intrigues excites me.. and i am doing that.. privileged to be in fact.. blessed more than ever..

  2. i still get scared when i think about what i want to do... so finally i stopped thinking and i guess i am enjoying my job more this way. Bang on about degrees.. the whole experience of gettin there finally is what makes the degree worth the wait.

  3. its very difficult to identify the right profession or job that you would like to do.....
    i think life is like a game of KBC where god tussi gr8 ho gives you options along with the life lines ,some follow their heart while some listen to their brain but one who use both & makes the right choice is a winner at the end of the day.