Friday, October 29, 2010

Communicate: Its the need of the hour!

In todays day and time, when every individual has started finding it increasingly difficult to find peace with himself, and space for himself, there are several issues that need to be addressed, which go completely unnoticed by us. I am not trying to be a social activist here. Neither I am talking about the issues that you read as headlines, or watch on your idiot box. I am talking about a completely different aspect. Something that affects everyone, and yet we choose to be ignorant about it.

Today, the stress levels are so high that we have totally forgotten about what we are, where we come from, and where we belong. Humans have gained their superiority over the other beings through a lot of things. One of the most important of them has been communication. We have grown through it, and still continue to progress because of it. However, over these years, for some reason communication has only become a tool for growth, external growth. We have forgotten to use it for our internal growth. We have forgotten how to connect with ourselves. We have forgotten to communicate.

I find it funny how people who have reached the peak of their careers at a very young age, who have all the name, fame and money, the best means of technology and communication, find it the most difficult the express themselves, express their emotions. They cannot even convey to their families how important they are. They cannot tell their wives/husbands a simple 'I Love You', they cannot tell their parents a simple 'Thank You', not only that, they cannot even hug their children and show them their affection. Is this what we have become. Mere voices, with no feelings, with no emotions, with no real communication?

If I say to my friends that I Love my parents, they laugh at me. For them, such things are understood, and not to be said. But my question is why not? If I have such a strong feeling for someone, which can actually make them and me happy, why not put it in words. Why do things always have to be understood and assumed? Is that not then as good as taking things for granted? I think it is. And thats why, sometimes, only sometimes I feel it is necessary to word your emotions and feelings. You do not need to actually say it out loud. Just by simply holding your loved ones hand in a warm way, or just hugging your mum out of the blues can do the magic.

Communication is a vital tool in our hands. It should be utilized most effectively, else it will just die off, we will just lose it like many other things our race has lost out on. Charity begins at home. In this case, it will begin when you start communicating with yourself. Let your body connect with your soul. Let your mind know what your body and soul need, want, and feel. Only then will you emerge as a better person. Only then can you really connect with others, who are important, and make them know and feel that they are important.

Remember the major issues that need to be addressed? Well this one qualifies to top my list. For me, just reconnecting with yourself can lead to un-complicating all the other problems in your life, reinforcing your relationship with yourself and others.


  1. D thing which u hv told is true tht even if v love a person a lot v dont tell dem bcoz fear, lack of time and sometimes we frg8. U rock and aftr reading dis i believe most of dem would try to communicate der feelings with der loved ones. :)

  2. Very good Akshaya, Nice thought process, All this is happening in our surrounding and yet we dont realize it. People have gone way to far from these small things that really do matter. And adding up a bit to it is, that people are so busy running after money that they forget the basic requirements of mankind like Love, Affection and Care which actually makes a happy home. Found this very interesting and important that everyone must go thru...