Sunday, October 31, 2010


Change is an inevitable part of our lives. Everything new that comes in, changes the old things, for the good or bad. We cannot decide that. But what we can decide is how we react to these changes in our lives. A total transformation is seen at various stages in our lives. From childhood to adulthood, from winters to summers, from day to night. Change is everywhere. At most times it is for the better, since it brings along new beginnings, new challenges and new experiences. But we, as humans run away from it. Resist change. Act stubborn. That is when this change becomes painful. That is when changes hurt, bringing us in the most uncomfortable situations in our lives, where there is no looking back, and where we refuse to look ahead. We forget that the change that is coming along is way too powerful than us. The change has already defeated our resistance and has already overpowered us. Its only about time when the acceptance will seep in us. That acceptance will bring about the fruits of the change, new hopes and new desires.

I see myself at such a point, where there is no looking back, and I refuse to look ahead. I am too stubborn to give up what I have, to accept what new is coming in. Finding it difficult to let go. Putting my heart and soul to hold on...not give in. But in vain...I think to myself, 'what is the point?' I can either take this as defeat to this change, or I can simply welcome it with open arms, and understand its true implications. What I have still remains with me...the novelty will only add on to it. It will help me grow, prosper. It will devoid me of stagnation. And then suddenly a ray of hope. A past experience makes me have a completely different view point about this new development. My resistance is coming from an earlier change! I am trying to hold on too tightly to something which is the product of a change in my life, which then I was resisting to accept. And then the dawn of realization! If I resist this one, I might be resisting something that is better than what I already have. There sure is no running away from this. But being so stiff will definitely delay what it has to offer. And for what? For something that is mine and will remain so forever...What am I scared of? What are we all scared of? There is nothing to lose. It infact, might be a reward of something I have worked hard on.

Yet, I would not deny the pain and the difficulties as this transformation takes its toll. I see everything in a different light. In a way I had not before. In a way I did not want to before. So it shatters what I believed in. Sends quivers down my faith. But I have experienced this before. This isnt new to me. And I have overcome this with great vigor and strength, to embark on a new journey of learning, experience and expectations. It is a vicious circle. The more I try to pen it down in words, the more repetitive it gets. Yet it takes me through a wonderful voyage through my memories, the fond as well as the fearful ones. And I love reliving them all.

And so Change becomes an inevitable part of our lives. Every new beginning has an end. And every end gets along a new beginning. The cycle this goes on and on...and it prevails in every walk of life, in every part of us. We might choose to be ignorant of it, fearful, or even welcome it. And the way we treat it, is exactly how the change treats us. What you give it, it gives you back. So next time a change knocks on your door, smile and let it in. If you do that, be rest assured that it will give you plenty of reasons to grin. I did it, and am smiling!!!


  1. really nice way to look at things..
    i am sure tht ur smile was preceeded by quite a struggle..d most difficult part is to accept tht things have changed...

  2. really appreciate d way u hav explain d change in a persons life, bt its for sure tht u hv always grew more stronger by every change...